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Timothy's Little Shop of Spooks

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Timothy's Little Shop of Spooks 2

Timothy's Little Shop of Spooks

by Timothy Heart » December 08, 2018 07:22 PM

Last Edited: December 09, 2018 02:47 AM

Before I go into any detail, the 48x48 we're supposed to have along with 200x200 looks... really small. I'm not sure if something went wrong there for me.


I like making critters of a darker, spookier nature so I've been working on a few Kith stages that are a little spooky. (Also some Veilious stages in wigs, but we're not going to talk about that.)

I currently have one custom stage finished (somewhat).

Monster Tail Ferrec

Due to the Ferrec's fluffy nature I thought it would be a perfect candidate for a monster tail. I like monster tails a little too much.

The line art took me about 3 hours alone and my program was also glitching a bit so I'm most likely going back and editing the line art a bit since that was what got affected by the bugginess (the program started working properly during coloring and shading). I also tried to match the tongue to the rawberry colors somewhat. (I'm also working on a private version specifically for little Rouge. I want him to have a monster tail!)

I have a lot of ideas. I'm planning to keep them generally organized here. Anything helps, wether it's things you want to see, small donations, or full sponsorships, so feel free to just post. Any bit of support will help more monster tail stages to be created (and Veilious in wigs, but again we're not talking about that).
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Re: Timothy's Little Shop of Spooks

by Boris » February 03, 2019 07:22 PM

What a cutie! I'd be up to getting another nest to adopt a ferrec. I'm intrigued to see what else you cook up.
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