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Fiber Artists!

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Re: Fiber Artists!

by mason » July 21, 2016 07:53 PM

I have found my people! I've been forced to take a hiatus for the summer because I chose to take summer courses this year. :C I've been crocheting on-and-off for several years and only been knitting for...goodness, five years now!

Also @howdy, have you tried online tutorials? That's how I learned to knit, and I found it helpful because a lot of them give you a close up view and you can easily go back to any section that confuses you.
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Re: Fiber Artists!

by chaosfay » November 01, 2017 04:27 PM

I'm a macrame artist, and have been making modern macrame jewelry for over 25 years. It's not weaving but jewelry made using a series of knots in specific patterns. I've made tutorials on how to use a few of the patterns I've created.
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Re: Fiber Artists!

by LibraWings » March 07, 2018 01:11 AM

I tried to do knitting and crochet but failed at both!
(I'll probably try again someday).

I make little animal sculptures via needle-felting, though.
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