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3D Sculpting

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3D Sculpting 0

3D Sculpting

by monsterthing » July 11, 2016 03:30 PM

Almost put this in illustration, not sure where it fits but I just really want to show this off!

This is a butler character I developed last semester threw a bunch of different classes. I first doodled him for a walk cycle assignment and then we had to develop a character for Entertainment Design so I just used him and then we had to make a short film for Storyboarding so again, I had a character so I used him and for my Drawing final we had to make a comic and since this was my only character with a backstory, I used him.

I have a real life clay model of him that I made for the ED assignment and I always wanted a 3D model of him, and I thought it would be good practice and I absolutely love it! The website let me edit the orientation a bit, but in the program he is leaning forward a lot and considering I would love to have this 3D printed, I need to figure out how to get his feet flat on the ground and such. If anyone knows about any of this stuff, I would appreciate the help! My school has a 3D printer so that is not a problem.
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Re: 3D Sculpting

by - Z - » November 01, 2016 10:32 PM

ahhhh i dont know anything about 3d printers but this is really cool!!
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Re: 3D Sculpting

by stopboorider » November 02, 2016 04:02 PM

Ahahaha not yet, but hit me up in a few years and I can help. Next year I'm starting at a school with modeling, 3d printers, mo cap rooms, and animation courses, of course. But right now the only 3d modeling I've done is some experimenting in Magic Voxel.
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