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Wolf's Mask Tattoo by Elfy won the Craft Spotlight! so there's this girl i really like... and her mask is so nice... it chases away the darkness, y'know? it makes the moon shine even brighter on a night like tonight...
All Topics » Group Roleplays » Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

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Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP] 10

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    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

    by Parda » April 06, 2019 02:53 PM

    Jay wandered around the area aimlessly for a little while, trying to ignore the feeling of hunger slowly getting worse and worse, with little success.

    Huh. Alright. People were dancing in the air now. Aaaand someone new just arrived, vaguely familiar. Wait. Familiar? But they wouldn’t recognize anyone anyone but Stati-- Wait. She wasn’t wearing a mask.

    ……She probably just made a deal with beetle as well.

    They found themself at the buffet tables, right next where some steaks were loaded on fancy silverware. They noticed they had planted themself directly in the middle of two groups of guests, but were too intimidated to join them. Oh well.

    Instead they opted for finding the rarest piece of steak they could find. They had no idea why they were craving that specifically, but eh, it’d have to do.
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    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

    by Adraxa » April 07, 2019 07:50 AM

    (with Morne and The Guiding Light)

    The Star took a closer look at the smart-mouthed figure. They were almost holographic in nature, like a projection of some sort. The Star (no, that wasn’t their real name) felt like they had seen them before... something twinged ar their brain, something familiar...

    Don’t cause trouble.

    A voice (a memory or a reality, they could not tell), sharp and terrible, nearly split their head in half with pain. The Star tried desperately not to scream in agony.
    Don’t cause trouble. Right. They had almost forgot about the rules around here.

    “Why, of course I’m special! There’s nothing so special as a star. Now, isn’t this supposed to be a party? It can’t be a party without a dance or two!” They extended a hand to the two standing before them- both the horned one and the hologram.

    “You’ll never know if dance sings within your blood until you take that first step. Life is naught but a series of new experiences. To deny that to yourself is nothing but cruelty. Would any of you be willing to take that step with me? Come on... you have nothing to lose.”
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    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

    by Wandering Mask » April 08, 2019 09:43 PM

    “I haven’t looked at the potted plants, really, so, sorry. No,”


    No matter how many times they scanned the floor, or who was introduced, no one here was acting like Eric. Had the little creep been lying? That didn't seem like their style. More likely there'd been an obstructed truth involving wordplay - the kind of puzzle SPARK wasn't particularly equipped to solve quickly.

    Their planes intersected slightly with the soft sound of scratching glass.

    "What are you each called?”

    Oh yeah, these two still existed.
    "Guiding Light. Sparkles here is the Brightest Star."
    And here they'd considered their OWN title the height of pretentiousness. Clearly the bar was higher.

    “Why, of course I’m special! There’s nothing so special as a star. Now, isn’t this supposed to be a party? It can’t be a party without a dance or two!”

    ...Points for owning it, at least? Something about the 'Star' component in these titles seemed to correspond to pompous dictation and a predilection for foot-movement. They wondered vaguely if that was a convention or a coincidence.

    "Would any of you be willing to take that step with me? Come on... you have nothing to lose.”

    Oh, now THERE was a warning sign if they'd ever seen one.
    "Yeahhhhhh no, I'm good. How 'bout you, Morne? You spontaneously learn to dance in the last 118 seconds?"


    Meanwhile, above the floor, the Starborn Prince's dance with the Rising Sun was coming to an end. As the music proceeded to a gentle conclusion, so too did their steps and movements slow, their forms descend, until they were once again standing on the ballroom floor.

    As the music, still tinted with that strange hint of wilderness, proceeded to a lighter piece, the Prince looked down at the Rising Sun with sparkling eyes.

    "Are you hungry?" He turned his head towards a lone figure standing at one of the tables. The Revenant was... ...something was wrong. "There's another guest who I'd like to check on, if you don't mind..."

    As he and the Sun approached them, he caught their eye with a smile. Another flowing bow. "Hello...! Would you be alright if my friend and I joined you...?"
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    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

    by Gwendolyn » April 08, 2019 10:40 PM

    They eventually settled on the ground again. The Rising Sun shifts on her hooves a little, relieved. She takes a deep breath.

    "Are you hungry?"

    "O-oh, yes!" She peeps quietly in return, looking up at him. Maybe he can help her find out what exactly everything is! When the Prince looks towards another, she follows their gaze.

    "There's another guest who I'd like to check on, if you don't mind..."

    She stays silent, not really sure how to say she doesn't protest but will decide to hide behind him. When approaching the other, the Sun slips to hide slightly behind the Prince like a shy toddler, carefully holding his arm. She'll... Let him do the talking. And socializing.
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    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

    by MagpieM » April 09, 2019 01:46 AM

    Jones took half a step back as the newcomer pressed them to dance, his ears flicking back for a moment and his tail lashing. The hologram suddenly turned his attention back to the group with a faint, odd noise and dismissively introduced themself and the dance enthusiast. The hologram was apparently Guiding Light and the other was The Brightest Star.

    He wondered, for a moment, if those were significant or just fanciful descriptions of their costumes. Either way, next to these two luminaries, Jones felt rather drab and dreary. Which, was honestly a bit of relief.

    Light turned down the invitation to dance, “Yeahhhhhh no, I'm good. How 'bout you, Morne? You spontaneously learn to dance in the last 118 seconds?”

    Jones shook his head, “Still can’t dance. And I have plenty to lose by trying. My balance, my dignity, my patience…. No, thank you.”

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    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

    by stopboorider » April 09, 2019 05:33 PM

    [On the Mezzanine, Ada and Retrograde have a conversation, which you can read here.
    And now, they are rejoining the dance floor.]

    He stared at the hand for just a moment before taking it, finding an odd comfort as he was lead. Something about focusing on the softness of her skin or whatever might be acting as her skin, the gentle touch that seemed to be the perfect amount of grip. He was having a lot of fun for once just not knowing about Ada and being blissfully in the moment as the nice scenery and lights passed around them. Despite all the headaches and confusion of this entire situation, this was nice, and Beetle had created a very beautiful setting. This was just really charming, and it wasn't really until now that Retrograde had found a moment to enjoy it.

    Of course, the questions about Beetle reminded him of the air of the room, specifically the magical air that Beetle had included, and like a cold wind sneaking through a briefly opened door, he found himself pulled from the moment again.

    “Yeah, but perhaps another reason to be wary of the lady we met earlier. She could clearly identify people, or at least identify who they were not. She’s apparently not affected by Beetle’s rules like others, so I don’t think she’s meant to be here,” he kept his voice low, leaning close to Ada as they continued their walk back to the floor. Maybe the rules were also there for people like him to indulge in that moment of bliss, but as nice as that had been, he was already becoming increasingly aware of how dangerous that was, like earlier when he started to think he had been at the party his entire life. Something… bothered him about where the night might take them, and while he was almost as curious as his partner, he also wasn’t quite ready to leave this moment of comfort either. It was a nice little breather, eye of the storm, compared to all the walls he kept hitting. Just like most indulgences, it wasn't completely terrible to take part of, just needed to be balanced in proper quantities.

    “... I do believe I owe you a dance, as well. If, if you were still interested. Also it’d be a good way to move about the room and observe some other conversations without seeming too out of place?”
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    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

    by Mafic » April 09, 2019 07:47 PM

    Last Edited: April 09, 2019 07:51 PM

    [at the buffet tables with Seven and now The Lost Girl and The Blind Lady]

    o-oh, there were more people coming. Well I guess that's what he gets for sitting at the actual buffet table. Oh and his new friend was standing up. Should he stand up too? Heck one of them was even curtsying. This is too much formality. He's going to have an allergic reaction.

    Then the one newcomer's shadowy familiar saved him by hanging down low and snatching some shrimp off his plate. Melody laughed in surprise. He almost offered it more, but the other seemed to disapprove so instead he nodded at the two women in a subtle, still slightly nervous greeting and proceeded to attempt to camouflage himself against the tablecloth and the food-holder-thingies.

    In doing so he actually caught the unexpected sight of Jay. He perked up and waved-- oh, wait, they were talking to, I think the person who was skydancing overhead? Best not be a distraction. He went back to trying to be unnoticeable.
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    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

    by Dread » April 09, 2019 10:33 PM

    [at the buffet tables with Seven, Melody and The Blind Lady]

    “Utcchh!” She started to say a hushed but stern name as warning to Uzi as they came back with their morsel, but all that came out was a weird mix between a hiss and a sneeze. Seemed she wasn’t able to name them at the moment, at least not in present company. “My apologies- they….” she struggled to think of a way to explain, but almost everything was slipping away. “they…hunger…um, they haven’t quite learned how to…not..” Her face and ear’s flushed in embarrassment at her poor explanation. She silently pulled the chair back for the Blind Lady, gesturing for her to take a seat and rubbing the back of her neck nervously. “I’ll …go get some plates…”

    She swept over to the food, grabbing one large plate and a few smaller ones to bring a selection back to the table. Uzi whined at her shoulder but she hushed them “You’ve had enough.” After she had gathered a bit of variety, steak, rolls, shrimp, as well as a few veggies she was able to scrounge up from a close table, she hurried back, placing the large platter in the center and the small plates in front of the Blind Lady, the quiet person in the dress, and herself. “I thought this might be easier to share,” she said, smiling nervously. As she did, she looked up to see ‘Aem’ had finished her conversation with the two at the top of the stairs and was descending. A drink appeared in her hand, this one stronger than the first one she had but sweeter, a punch of some sort, and she sipped, eyes glued to ‘Aem’s’ path.
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    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

    by Diana » April 09, 2019 11:10 PM

    [at the banquet tables with The Lost Girl and two others]

    Unable to see the expression on either stranger's face, the Blind Lady misinterpreted their silence as shyness. She giggled and gently gave the little one a pat on the shoulders that she hoped was comforting, rather than unwelcome. "Aw, it's okay to be shy. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot. What are your names for the party?"

    When the Lost Girl returned with food, she flashed her a wide smile. "Thank you! That's an excellent idea, if we're all to sit." She took some finger food for herself and ate a bite before realizing far too late that she might have interrupted the shy ones having a conversation earlier. After she finished her mouthful, she offered an out for them, just in case? Since the one in glasses seemed embarrassed by his own awkwardness... "Unless you'd prefer some quiet to yourselves?"

    [across the dance floor to the buffet table with Morne, The Guiding Light, and The Brightest Star]

    Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Aem did not stop or hesitate as she moved onto the dance floor. Though her body easily began to move in time with the music, following the rhythm and gestures of the dancers nearest to her, the mask that was Aem's frozen face remained locked on a specific point... or more precisely, on a specific person.

    She wove her way seamlessly through the throng of glittering dancers until she emerged on the other side, directly in front of Morne. Her lips did not move as she announced evenly: "Hello. My name is Aem." She paused, but not long enough for anyone else to speak up before she added, "You are not the one I'm looking for." Her mask then turned eerily without her neck moving, to look around as if seeking someone else immediately.
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    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask Zone [closed RP]

    by Parda » April 10, 2019 09:15 AM

    Last Edited: April 10, 2019 11:19 AM

    [at the banquet tables with The Starborn Prince and The Rising Sun]

    They were busy stuffing their face with one of the steaks when they caught sight of two other guests approaching them. One of them hiding behind the other. They (albeit unnoticeably) raised an eyebrow.

    ”Hello...! Would you be alright if my friend and I joined you...?”
    “Oh! No, not at all. I’ve got nothing better to do anyways.”

    They hoped that this didn’t mean they’d have to dance with either of them. They didn’t like dancing, especially not among so many people who were probably better than them.

    Instead they made an attempt at small-talk. “Fancy eating here, huh? I wonder if they have… uh.”
    They were definitely craving something specific, but they had no idea what, and it wasn’t steak either.

    They awkwardly took another bite in order to distract them from the small fuckup they just made. And perked up a little when they saw someone waving, without really paying attention, they waved back. Eh. It was probably Static. They couldn’t bother checking.
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