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All Topics » Group Roleplays » Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

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Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP] 8

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    Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by MagpieM » April 18, 2019 05:43 PM

    Last Edited: August 12, 2019 07:47 PM

    ( In the Antechamber with Retrograde, The Lost Girl, Melody, Oyaban Nishiyama Shichiro, and The Brightest Star)

    The room you find yourself in suddenly is octagonal and panelled in wood, with two almost invisible doors on opposite walls. A crystal chandelier hanging overhead lights the room with a scattered candlelight glow. The room appears to have no function save to be a place for a people to wait, a room between rooms, where you wait to see of the lord or lady of the castle would deign to see you. There are a couple of stiff-backed armchairs and a low couch on dainty legs. A handful of portraits depicting perhaps the rightful owners of this castle decorate the walls. Time has caused the varnish to darken and crack, obscuring faces and details, so there is only a suggestion of figures, a hint of features.

    You are not alone. Four other people are here.
    And Beetle.

    “Hello there! Thanks for dropping by, ehehehe!” Beetle says from where he is sprawled across a large armchair, “Let’s get down to business, shall we? To the part we've all been waiting for!”

    He twists and flings himself into an upright position.

    “Where to begin…? Ah! Well. The beginning is popular, I’m told! But whose beginning? Which beginning? How do you know what’s a beginning and not an ending or a middling? Let’s see….”

    “I was taking a stroll through this magnificent stone heap when I came across the most marvelous beetle. An absolutely charming and unique specimen! It led me on a merry chase through this place, scurrying and skittering among the shadows, who sometimes misled and distracted me…. But eventually, I laid a trap and waited for it take the bait. And I had it! And then something almost had me! I whirled to face my foe, but nothing was there. But…I felt something…. Like I was being watched. Like something was simply waiting until I was off guard again!”

    Beetle waits a moment for your outraged expressions of sympathy and horror, and getting nothing, shrugs and continues his story, “I am but a poor, simple merchant, not a brave adventurer like yourselves, so of course I ran! I have a few tricks up my sleeves, naturally, but, after chasing the beetle all around this castle, my stock was running surprisingly low and I had to resort to a bit of new magic that hadn’t gone through my usual quality control testing. I only just stopped it from turning the whole castle into a trap, ehehe!”

    “The good news is that the beetle should be perfectly safe and the menace contained. All you goodfolk have to do is get in, grab it and bring it back to me, ehehe!” he said, “Bad news...well, the room I was in is now sealed off by three keys which I was unable to locate in the brief foray I made to check on things. There’s been some changes in the interior decor and the interior keeps changing, so I freely admit I gave up. I’ll leave the puzzles and monsters to adventurers like you, please, ehehehehe!”

    For a moment, Beetle’s usual smile fades, leaving his masked face even harder to read than normal, “You have until midnight to find the keys and get through the door. Midnight is when the spells I used to craft this ball end. That’s just how balls are, you know? It’s for the best really. Spells this impressive draw a lot of attention. Not all of it is bad for me. It pays to advertise. But there’s always a few predators in the audience. The masks and masquerade help confuse matters, but at midnight, you’re on your own, folks!”

    “What else…? Ah! I’ve told the guards you have the freedom to enter and exit this part of the castle, but I’d still be careful about making the trip since this part is a little disconnected from the rest of the place. Make sure you’re not followed in or out. It would be…..unfortunate….for anything trapped here to escape into the party or any partycrashers to get access to this place, ehehehe.”

    “So to sum up!” Beetle said, smile flicking back on, “Three seals. Three keys. Get my beetle and get out before midnight. Be quick, but cautious. There’s still something else up there and there’s still partycrashers who might be after the magic, or after you, or even my precious beetle! If they have any taste, that is, ehehehee. I had to leave some of my stock behind and there was a lot of interesting looking stuff up there I hadn’t seen before, though, so while you’re looking for keys, you might take a look around to see if there’s anything else you can use. Consider anything you find a bonus!”

    Spiel over, Beetle, snaps his fingers and one of the doors swings open, revealing a dimly lit hallway which stretches down to an ornate door.

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    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by toanovu » April 18, 2019 09:32 PM



    Kazuya blinks.

    A room. Other people - a couple guests he had noticed in the ball, and some others he had not noticed yet. One in particular stands out, the man in the white suit he had seen talking to "Aem." Seeing him closer like this, he... well. He definitely stands out. That suit is..... breathtaking. The stunning white and gold compliments the wearer's billowing hair and complexion well. V-very well. .....yah, no, fuck, that hair is fucking illegal, how the fuck does he have such gorgeous fucking-

    “Hello there! Thanks for dropping by, ehehehe!”

    Kazuya remembers to breath again.

    The Beetle bastard launches into a monologue that is 98% bullshit. Kazuya sifts out the important information. Three "keys." Three "seals." One door. A threat, supposedly constrained, but he seriously doubted Beetle on that. Keep an eye out. The goal:

    ".........a. fucking. beetle?"

    His leg aches. He smells bug guts, feels them on his skin and in his hair. Two eyes peer out at him from an over-sized purse.

    Kazuya's ear flicks. A shudder runs up his spine.
    "the fuck is with you and beetles?" he mutters under his breath.

    "Fine. Fuck it, fine. We'll get you'se fucking bug."

    "We'se timed? Midnight?" He continues as he marches towards the open doorway. He places his hand against the door and shoves it the rest of the way open, stepping through it. He pauses just past the threshold and then glances back at the rest of the party. "No wasting time then. I'se sure you'se all gots your reasons for being here too. Let's make sure all those reasons get met."
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    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by stopboorider » April 18, 2019 10:26 PM

    Retrograde blinked, looking around the room as Beetle snapped his fingers. He didn't really remember where he was before, or how he got to this spot now. The information Beetle had just rattled off was in his head, but more like he took a class on it yesterday and thoroughly learned it, having only really woken up just this second.

    The story seemed fake but the goal was clear, and he didn't think Beetle would lie about that if it was helping him get what he wanted. He was concerned about what they were actually fetching though, and who's toes they might be stepping on while doing it.

    Retrograde turned and quickly surveyed his team, noticing right away that neither Seven nor Ada Lovelace was among them. While he was hoping they had both remained at the party, he at least knew that Ada had received similar invite to him, and was... probably caught up in Beetle's hi-jinks in some way. Hopefully safe...

    Though he couldn't really focus on any of the features of any of them, there was a few things he started to notice and remember from when he was up on the balcony. The couple getting a drink, here was one of them. The small group near the table talking, one of them. The two ladies who had been on the dance floor, one of them-- did her outfit change? Oh that... that look was very nice...

    Beetle's words echoed in his head and he snapped into focus again, swallowing hard. Apparently with his mind cut into pieces and hidden about, his basic instincts were kicking in more than ever.

    That left only one of the group he hadn't seen earlier during the party paired up with anyone, but he also only saw them during their introduction and then got sidetracked rather quickly with... the lady with the broken name. It could have been possible they had also found a partner, and if so, then everyone in this room had been dragged away from their companions during the ball. He wondered if Ada was among those companions... He wondered if Beetle had done this because the others had shared information together and there was already too much in the hands of the players.

    One of the team members spoke up, and Retrograde found himself tipping his hat up as he looked across all of them again. Weird, he thought he had lost this earlier at some point. Something weird was going on, unlike Ada who had words cut from her speech, Retrograde was only missing parts of the words... just ends and sounds, as if... an accent? Was it masking an accent?

    "Hold on a moment," he spoke up, peering between all of them. "I remember seeing you on the floor, but I don't think I had the chance to speak with any of you." His hand lifted and motioned to the lady in the stunning suit. "You were on the dance floor earlier, correct? I have some questions about that when we have time." He peered over to the other guest with them.

    ... Well, he'd seen weirder. "We've got several doors and limited time. We don't know each others strengths and weaknesses, and while we have 'until midnight'," he even held up his hands to do what he considered a rather universal air-quote gesture on that point, "Does anyone see a clock around us? Does anyone know what time it is?.

    "If you've all played with Beetle already, we need to not rush into this foolheartedly, otherwise find ourselves outwitted in some mix-up of words." An as always, his voice remained almost too calm while explaining all of this, if one hand't been listening to the words he was stating, it might have even seemed like he was gently agreeing with the demon dressed man to push forwards without worry. Though those around him would not feel the usual calming effects he produced, and his hair was ever so slightly gaining a few more white strands has he pointed all this out.
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    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by Dread » April 19, 2019 01:31 AM

    Yukira glanced around the room, blackened portraits and ornate armchairs spread about the octagonal space. And four people- the shy bespectacled person who had left the table right before her; the tall man in the white suit with the long train; the shining blue being who she wasn’t sure how they could see through their mask; and the horned man who seemed to have a perpetual scowl at the moment. And well, Beetle was there, of course, the one they were beholden too for this task which he proceeded to explain with his typical overdramatic flair. But the goal was simple enough- find the keys, retrieve the treasure- a little too simple. Were they the only ones who had been roped into this game? She didn’t like the thought of the Blind Lady wrapped in some twisted bug hunt…

    Before she could say anything in retort though, the demon man was pushing forward, through the threshold, only pausing briefly to ask if the rest of them were coming. “Hey, wait…” she started, but the tall suited man interrupted.

    'I remember seeing you on the floor, but I don't think I had the chance to speak with any of you…You were on the dance floor earlier, correct? I have some questions about that when we have time.’

    “Wh…yes but…”

    He continued, going on about time and if they even knew when it was now.

    “Well, knowing this fae I wouldn’t be surprised if the stroke of midnight hits right when we reach the prize, no matter how long we take.” She glanced over the merchant, who just grinned back at her.

    But as the white-suited man went on, voice gentle and calm, about not rushing in without a plan, she watched as additional streaks of white appeared in his hair. She stepped closer, automatically reaching up to one of the newly-bleached strands. “You are right, as much as I wish to rush in and get this game over with. But….is this supposed to happen? Are you alright?”
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    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by Mafic » April 20, 2019 10:40 PM

    Melody blinked, trying to bring himself back into focus. He was still shaken by his encounter with Beetle, and now..

    He forced himself to pay attention. A beetle, or a "beetle;" a monster?; a locked room; three keys. Well. This is just a proper five dollar indie horror game isn't it. Lovely.

    The one person, the one with horns and a tail, seemed especially unhappy with this and made his displeasure known with his favorite four letter word and started opening doors. A dark man who's hair seemed to be changing color encouraged them to be cautious. Melody decided right now the best thing to do would be to hang back and attempt to achieve invisibility while maybe getting his brain to stop yelling.
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    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by Adraxa » April 21, 2019 11:54 PM

    Aster strongly agreed with the horned guy that they should get going. This place was making the hairs on the back of their neck prickle, as if something would jump out at them at any moment. (They could almost hear the tense music.) Plus, knowing that they were on some kind of timer didn’t exactly quell their sense of urgency.

    Besides, this whole endeavor was shady. Well, anything to do with Mr. Beetle was shady, (this whole place was pretty shady: they hadn’t a single non-shady interaction since they arrived) but this was even shadier than normal.

    With their aura sensing, they had always had some general idea of who everyone around them was, but with these masks that seemed to be both magical and physical… they felt like they didn’t have enough information. Combine that with the warning they had received earlier to not cause trouble, Aster felt downright powerless (which was a really unfamiliar emotion for them, given the fact that they were a ridiculously strong mage). But this place didn’t play by the rules of their home. It had its own laws, laws of glitching and beetles and unrealities. Well, when in Rome…

    “Come on, everyone. We don’t have all night.” Even though the silver-haired woman seemed to be concerned about the dark-skinned man, that could wait. This quest couldn’t. They set themselves in a ready stance next to Horn Guy, preparing themselves (as best they could) for whatever might come through that door.
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    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by toanovu » April 22, 2019 12:41 AM

    Last Edited: April 22, 2019 01:15 AM

    ”Hold on a moment.”

    Kazuya tenses. No. No, there isn’t time. The gentleman continues on, and Kazuya bristles. Yes. Yes we do have limited time and resources. Which is why we need to get MOVING-

    ”-does anyone know what time it is?”

    ........fUCK! Why had that?? Slipped Kazuya’s mind? Of course he should be budgeting time, he needs to know how much time they have to work with here. He glances down at his wrist. The golden watch that adorns it stares back at him. The screen is cracked, the hour hand frozen on seven. Kazuya gives the watch a glare of disdain.

    The man had continued speaking, something about Beetle. Kazuya only half heard it. But something was making him feel... a little less on edge. Maybe he should listen. Maybe this guy had some ideas.

    He glances back up.

    The lady in the nice suit is saying something about the gentleman being right. And touching his hair.

    There is a pang - deep, deep in Kazuya’s gut. It is an all too familiar feeling. One he has not felt this strongly in over a decade. Why. The FUCK. Is he feeling this right fucking now????????? Fucking???????


    “You’se probably ain’t gonna find the time here,” he interrupts, walking back into the room and up to the gentleman and the woman, leaving the other more anxious to leave party member at the door. He holds his watch out for them both to see the broken face. “Least. Not without a good search. You’se dealt with the Beatle bastard too? He ain’t about simple and easy and straightforward. I’se aint tryin’ to rush into things foolhardy. I’se promise you that. I’m thinkin’ this through. We need answers. And we’se ain’t gonna get them standing here talking. We’se gotta start searching. We’se can talk once we’se find things to talk about. And to do that we’se gots to go find them first.”

    He stops, staring down at the gentleman, noticing just how many steaks of white there are now that he’s so up close. Was that what the lady was talking about? One of Kazuya’s ears flick. Fucking..... is THAT a new nervous tick now??? He’s starting to hate it.
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    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by stopboorider » April 22, 2019 01:15 AM

    One idiot left room for Retrograde to doubt the plan of action, but multiple people in the room agreeing was a clear sign that there was some sense in it all. The Lost Girl also made an excellent point, which was only backed up with the ... demon man had shown his watch. Beetle wasn't giving them a specific amount of time to get it done, only encouraging them to do it fast.

    "Alright, then. You're right. Beetle is trying to get us to rush through this, whether for his benefit or for our own and then eventually his benefit," He turned to the Lost Girl, taking her hand out of his hair and holding it in his own for a moment. "I am fine for now, and we must focus on the task at hand, but it does seem we have much to talk about afterwards." He pulled her hand to his lips as if to give it a kiss, but then gently let go of it and approached into the hallway of doors. For a moment, he looked down at that same hand he had just used, tracing the gold and black 2 fingered glove with his eyes, wondering how this hand seemed like not even his own a few seconds ago...

    "Then I propose something else. We all pick a door, open it back up, look inside but don't enter, in case for some reason we can't get out, and then we report vocally to each other what we see. After that, we pick the best lead and stick together until we understand what threats these rooms are capable of, right?"

    He placed the same hand on the knob of the door he was closest too, either already expecting the others to agree with him, or simply follow him, as long as nobody was launching themselves blindly into this he felt... fine for now.

    [Manny opens door 2 and looks within.]
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    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by MagpieM » April 22, 2019 04:19 AM

    Retrograde opens the door to a nursery. There is a stale air to this place, as if no has opened the door in a long time, but the room itself is not in bad shape. Despite the air of abandonment, there are several lit oil lamps, including one on a small table just inside the room. They illuminate the room, showing it to be a trifle dusty and faded, but nothing worse.

    The walls are painted with flowers and other flora, among which a few animals romp, though they are nearly lost behind the forest of furniture and toys. Whatever children once inhabited this room had been very lucky indeed. There are shelves covered in dusty toys, a large painted chest from which a stuffed animal limb protrudes, small but well-carved furniture along with more ordinary adult-sized things, a wardrobe with many drawers, a tiny table on which is laid out a tiny tea set presided over by a porcelain doll, a splendidly-detailed rocking horse, enough blocks to build a small town, one tiny bed and one cradle. And a small form covered by a blanket in the cradle.
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    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by Dread » April 22, 2019 11:20 AM

    The shy one from before continued to retreat into themselves, and the one she couldn’t tell what type of creature they might be behind their mask insisted they continue. The demon man held up his wrist to show some sort of timing device from what she could gather, though the script was different than what she was used to, and made the valid point they weren’t going to find anything standing around.

    Yukira frowned and squinted as the man in white denied anything was wrong, even though it seemed obvious to her that something was being drained from him. But when he drew her hand up for a kiss, the concern washed away into surprise. Wait, no she usually was the one…but then he had left down into the hall, a plan seemingly already in mind.

    "Then I propose something else. We all pick a door, open it back up, look inside but don't enter, in case for some reason we can't get out, and then we report vocally to each other what we see. After that, we pick the best lead and stick together until we understand what threats these rooms are capable of, right?”

    Yukira nodded, realizing belatedly that he likely couldn’t see her response from his new position in the hallway, and quickly followed. “That sounds like a solid plan, unless….well does anyone else have any weapons….” She looked around the group but nothing stuck out to her- the man had already proceeded to open a door though before waiting for a response. Well, she at least could try to position herself as best she could in case whatever was behind these doors didn’t stay there. “By the way, my title is the Lost Girl here- but don’t let my name deceive you, I’m perfectly capable here.” She grinned at the group in an attempt at reassurance as she drew her sword, before turning the handle of the door opposite the one already open, positioned in the middle so she was as close as possible to jump to the aid if anyone needed her.

    Uzi, who had been hiding in her hair while near Beetle, moved back down to their more comfortable position on her neck and peaked out behind her at the door already open, giving a soft mewl of concern and wrapping tighter around Yukira.

    Yukira opens door number 5
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    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Party [closed RP]

    by MagpieM » April 22, 2019 06:21 PM

    The Lost Girl opens the door of the study. This is a smaller room, but a massive wooden desk dominates the space. Behind the desk, facing the door, is another time-obscured painting. Whatever ancestor or idol is depicted is shadowy and obscured. A few mezzotints of landscapes decorate the other walls, their delicate printing faded by time. Glass-fronted bookcases frame either side of the desk. Thick curtains cover the windows, moving slightly as if pushed by a breeze.

    Off to the side, there is a stiff-looking armchair beside a table with a lamp on it, conveniently located near a small bar and liquor cabinet. A small glass sits on the table beside the armchair, a finger of dark amber liquid catches the light.

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