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Murders and Disappearances

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Murders and Disappearances 0

Murders and Disappearances

by Egon » April 18, 2017 07:10 PM

I've been posting and updating True Crime Podcasts and True Crime Film/Series in the Media forum, but now I'm opening up the question to you guys:

What's your "favourite" murder/disappearance case (be it a fascination or a pet project)?


What obscure/local case do you know about but doesn't get a lot of recognition?

Examples to get started (feel free to look these up if you don't know about them, and feel free to provide some details on your cases so we're introduced to the case):

The Black Dahlia Murder
Lori Erica Ruff
Grateful Doe - Jason Callahan
H.H. Holmes
The Isdal Woman
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Re: Murders and Disappearances

by stopboorider » April 21, 2017 09:49 PM

Oh gosh, I used to have a small collection of favourites, but it's late enough that my mind is completely blank.

On a bit of a depression note, warning for talks of teenage death ahead:

There used to be this really neat swimming hole in my hometown that all the older kiddos used to hang out at in the summer. It was these sheets of rock that had a bunch of small water falls. I remember getting into all that innocent teen trouble at them, bringing picnics and swimming around in our underwear. Truth or dares and spin the bottles....
For a month or so one summer, some girl I had never met was missing, which is extremely odd in our small town. This was like,
the type of town that if Julia Summers had gotten into a spat with her boyfriend on the lawn of her home on one side of town,
within 3 hours everyone knew about it. But nobody knew where this girl was, nor had seen her at all.
She showed up dead in this swimming hole a month later.
Of course, kidnapping, murder, etc was suspected at first,
but after the autopsy, it was determined she had simply slipped while swimming at the spot and hit her head. She hadn't been there for a month though, she had been found not a day after her death. So where was she for that entire month??

Needless to say we weren't allowed to swim down there anymore, out of respect. Or adults fearing that we'd also slip and die.
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Re: Murders and Disappearances

by jmacsween » April 22, 2017 12:38 AM

Recently in my city, a man went missing for two weeks. There was a missing poster on the window at the shop I work at. They found his body at the bottom of a park lake, and the police said that his drowning was accidental, but also that there were signs of struggle. It's all very mysterious....

Last fall, a high school kid also drowned in a lake near his school, while his friends were present. While I know they aren't likely to be connected, something about the two situations appeals to the detective in me....
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Re: Murders and Disappearances

by Egon » April 22, 2017 12:44 AM

Two African American judges died within a short time of each other in America. One of them was the first African American female judge to a certain circuit court, as well as the first female Muslim judge in that court. There is some speculation that these two are connected, and are non-accidental, non-self-inflicted deaths. I haven't seen any more on it, but there's definitely a contingent of people who believe this to be the case. I don't think that -this- kind of case is the right one to discuss because it's up for debate, buuut it's the first that came to mind when reading the last two posts on water-related deaths.

Regarding disappearances, Sherri Papini is still a contentious question-- but more happily, that Tennessee teacher (Tad Cummins) kidnapping his 15 year old student was resolved with the rescue of the girl, just a little north of the same town Papini came from.
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