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Event Update: RiGBy!

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Event Update: RiGBy! 15

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Event Update: RiGBy!

by Lycus » January 21, 2019 12:33 AM

Last Edited: January 21, 2019 10:32 PM

We’ve d-done it!! With everybody’s help f-finding the glitches by playing Glitchsweeper, Piper and I have managed to fix the software on this m-mysterious device to decipher enough of the message from this, um, “Transmission Bot Designation Rigby” to understand what’s going on… kind of. It s-sounds like they’re in a Remnant called the “Solarium” and they suffered a ton of c-casualties and injuries somehow...

N-now I just need to r-respond to their distress call by broadcasting a transmission along the s-specified frequency. Hopefully whoever they are, they’ll still be around to receive our message… This h-has to work…

Okay… H-here we go…!

Hello. This is the Remnant of Hope, contacting the Remnant of… Solarium? We have r-received your distress signal. We have access to many resources and would like to p… to provide aid in any way that we can. I am, um, Hope citizen designation Lycus Artois. Repeat, we would like to provide aid. Do you c-copy?

Um, t-that will probably t-take a long time to travel to wherever they-
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Re: Event Update: RiGBy!

by RiGBy » January 21, 2019 12:36 AM

R:/ IT WORKED? IT WORKED?! IT WORKED! Thank the stars, a transmission at long last! If only the others were operational to hear this! BEEP!

This is RiGBy the transmissionbot aboard the Cosmic Solarium, responding to Lycus Artois. Yes, we copy! You say that your spaceship is equipped with additional resources? Have you sustained damage from the Black Hole? On behalf of the Solarium, your aid is gratefully accepted! Allow me just a moment to access and override the Bridge Crew’s security protocols so that I may enable you to board. Please transmit docking codes!
Rigby forum

Re: Event Update: RiGBy!

by Lycus » January 21, 2019 12:36 AM

Our… our spaceship…?

Are y-you… in OUTER S-SPACE?! AHHHhhokay L-Lycus, keep it t-together, k-keep it t-together! And, w-wait, what was that about overriding security c-codes? Maybe I won’t mention that p-part to the Review Committee…

Ah…. Rigby, we’re actually b-broadcasting from the planet, not from a s-spaceship. Hope University is one of the Remnants of reality that survived the Cataclysm… b-but there are more of us! We’re located on… well, Planet Earth, I guess, if we’re g-going by what they called it during the Golden Age. We found your device through the Tattered Weave - the um, destruction of the Planet Earth that still remains around us - and heard your d-distress signal. We have f-food, water, bandages…
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Re: Event Update: RiGBy!

by RiGBy » January 21, 2019 12:37 AM

R:/ …Error. Information cannot be processed. During the Ultranova, the Black Hole engulfed and tore apart the entire planet. Our memory banks may be only partially online, but we contain considerable evidence of that fact. Indeed, we even- BEEP! Receiving incoming transmission. Pausing transmission 45732.01 with Lycus Artois.

Transmission 45732.01 restored. If you truly do not have a spaceship, my friends will be able to follow your transmission frequency through the Black Hole and bring a number of individuals back to the Solarium with them! Stipulations specified: all individuals must be proved trustworthy by verifiable outside sources. Unfair additional stipulation: due to the current damaged state of our security protocols, my status as a verifiable outside source has been revoked. KZZT… KZZZT…

Solution! Manual override to grant Lycus Artois and friends status as Administrator! Full docking authority now granted. Please indicate trustworthy individuals, Administrator.
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Re: Event Update: RiGBy!

by Lycus » January 21, 2019 12:38 AM

W-what! You’re- making m-me the-?! And the Review C-Committee thinks that I’m reckless…

W-wait… That’s right…

Rigby, going to visit the Solarium, to visit s-space, would be incredible but… I’ve spent so much time trying to get the people of Hope to realize that I’m r-responsible. I’ve made some b-big mistakes in the past, and I-I promised to stay here, to stay... s-safe. Someone else will have to g-go and see the Tatters, and the advanced technology, and... the spaceships, and… the stars…..

I c-can’t go… I can’t just run off and leave. I can’t disappoint-
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Re: Event Update: RiGBy!

by Nicholas » January 21, 2019 12:39 AM


Lycus. My son... Nobody could possibly be better suited for this task than you, my boy. You’ve grown so much more mature since your escapades with the Everstorm! Time and time again, you’ve demonstrated your intelligence, but recently, you’ve been demonstrating your wisdom as well. Imposing your own safety precautions; taking breaks to spend time with all of us; even the fact that you’ve been accommodating the Review Committee! Not to mention your ironclad determination to reassemble these devices so that you could answer the Solarium’s distress signal and find a way to aid them!

Your mother and I are in complete accord. There is no other person that I would rather send as the Ambassador of Hope!
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Re: Event Update: RiGBy!

by Lycus » January 21, 2019 12:39 AM

Last Edited: April 25, 2019 09:00 PM

IGETTOGOTOSPACE?!? I m-mean… Dad, you won’t regret this. I promise!

Okay, so, w-we’ll ask all the Shopkeepers to recommend the people that they trust the most, those who have earned their Secrets, to come with me to the Cosmic Solarium. And f-for everyone else, I’ll take my new live-streaming equipment with me so that they can see everything that’s h-happening, even if they c-can’t come with us yet.

Rigby! When will your f-friends arrive? Rigby?

U-uhhh… Is something c-coming out of the Tatters already? That’s n-not a spaceship, t-that’s… T-that’s a…

A new Kith!


[Continue to next Event post]
Hope lycus forum
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Re: Event Update: RiGBy!

by Diana » January 21, 2019 12:40 AM

Everyone who has an open Kith slot can now head over to The Tatters to adopt the newest species of Kith: Ulusives! (Don’t forget that Nicholas sells extra Kith Nests in The Headmaster’s Office if you want an extra slot immediately!)

If you’d like to go with Lycus to the Cosmic Solarium when he arrives in a few days, you’ll need to have enough Secrets to unlock a new Remnant, which you can earn by completing any Character's Secret Quest from the Unique Quest page. They'll only offer you this Secret Quest once your reach Devoted Reputation, which is four red hearts. If you don’t have enough Secrets, you can also automatically unlock the new Remnant with 1000 Gems!

Never fear: regardless of whether or not you unlock the Remnant, you’ll be able to participate in the discovery of the Cosmic Solarium via the Announcements in this Forum and the quests on the Event page.

In fact, there are new Event Quests to complete right now! Let’s get Lycus to the Cosmic Solarium as fast as we can!

(Please note that it may take an hour or two for this update to show up on your account. Thank you for your patience!)
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Re: Event Update: RiGBy!

by Ruevian » January 21, 2019 12:42 AM

*deeply inhales*

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Re: Event Update: RiGBy!

by Leslie » January 21, 2019 12:43 AM

It's here, guys! Get ready for a wild ride :)
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Re: Event Update: RiGBy!

by TheHeroicOne » January 21, 2019 12:44 AM

IT'S BABY TIME OH YEAH GUYS!!!! OH MY GOD WE DID IT..................................
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