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All Topics » Announcements » An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

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An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala 15

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    Re: An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

    by Sheap » September 27, 2019 04:49 AM

    I'm fan of Wolf and Othidar being best friends
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    Re: An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

    by EternalRavenDreamer » September 27, 2019 08:30 AM

    Oh my, I certainly picked the right Remnant to unlock first! I might not be too keen on crowds, I love an excuse to dress up all nice and fancy! I'll have to comb Seraph's mane thoroughly...don't want it getting stuck in any branches or brambles.
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    Re: An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

    by Elleshie » September 27, 2019 01:13 PM

    Party time? Party time!
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    Re: An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

    by ClearBright » September 27, 2019 10:30 PM

    AHHH exciting!
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    Re: An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

    by Shazzbaa » September 28, 2019 01:59 PM

    !!!!! Oh exciting!! Well, accepting subtly ominous invitations has always worked out well for us in the past, I'll definitely be there!
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    Re: An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

    by Glys » September 28, 2019 02:31 PM

    To be fair, in this case we know and trust the source of the invitation. Completely different flavor of ominous.
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    Re: An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

    by stopboorider » September 29, 2019 02:15 AM

    Posted by: "toanovu"

    I shall be honored to attend, it sounds like a wonderful time.

    So wonderful, that I would be remiss to enjoy this gala alone.

    [@stopboorider] , [@Himochi] , would you do me the honor of attending these grand festivities with me? I would love to share dances with both of you.

    Gosh, after an invitation like that how can I say no? Might have to find something a little more fancy than what I've got right now to be let in... maybe something with lace....
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    Re: An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

    by Masked Dancer » October 11, 2019 05:23 PM

    Posted by: "Wandering Mask"

    I haven't much that's fancy but I'll try to wear my best
    And not stick out too badly midst the fine and nobly dressed.
    (As for whatever's troubling, I'll strive to meet the task.)
    Signed: The one whose name is King - aka Wand'ring Mask.

    [@Wandering Mask]

    What? I, ah, I do apologize, but I am not the Princess. These scorched masks... Ahem. That is to say, I am very sympathetic, since I have been attempting to communicate with the Princess and arrange some diplomatic meetings since arriving, but... well, I am certain that she will agree to meet soon. But in the meantime... the clothing of these nobles really is fine, isn't it? And this music, it's not the kind of thing that I'm used to but it's so catchy! I'm not sure what programs they're using to synthesize it, maybe we could record some of it and remix it into......

    AH! I mean... Please, do not let me keep you. I hope that you enjoy the remainder of your Gala.
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    Re: An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

    by Masked Dancer » October 11, 2019 05:26 PM

    Posted by: "Glys"

    Posted by: "Dione ★"
    Plus, Marcus says that the pirates are all aboard, too! It sounds like his rowdier crew members got a little competitive with some of the Elves who were visiting over the summer… Something about cutlasses versus rapiers?

    It's fine, I know how to get them on the same side. Just tell them they're both wrong because polearms are clearly superior.
    A perfect plan. No consequences whatsoever.


    What's that, hon? Ya must be mistaken! And shit, I dunno 'bout those polearms o' yers - it looks they use two hands? If so, what's the point of having a friendly brawl with yer crew if you can't swing a cutlass with one hand and take a hearty swig o' Grog with the other?!
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    Re: An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

    by Dynrial » October 11, 2019 05:30 PM

    Posted by: "CloudedOtter"

    [B.] Are you being rebellious, Commander?


    Oh? What's that you're saying, about that sweet Commander Kyprian being rebellious? That seems unlike him. So conscientious. So starry-eyed. Unless... Ooh. (Could it be that he isn't acting as fully on behalf of his "Bridge Crew" as he claims? My, my. That is a juicy morsel of gossip...)
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