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Old New England

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Old New England 0

Old New England

by Egon » December 10, 2016 09:28 PM

I've been doing research and podcasting through old cities in New England, and was wondering if you had recommendations (what to do while there, what to see, where to stay, what to eat, etc) throughout the East Coast.

Namely, I'm looking for historical visits. Old architecture, history museums, walking tours, ghost tours, cultural landmarks, famous institutions, pride-and-joys, best places to eat, and so on. If this is a place that's dear to you, I want to know what makes that fire burn! I know that Salem has definitely caught my heart, and I'm also planning a return trip to Philly (my last adventure there took me to the Mutter Museum, which I'd definitely recommend anyone from outside check out if they visit) in Spring 2017.


1. Boston, MA (2 visits)
2. Cambridge, MA
3. Salem, MA (2 visits)
4. Philidelphia, PA
5. Washington, D.C.

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Re: Old New England

by Dread » December 11, 2016 03:21 AM

I feel like I should be able to give more recommendation for Philly since I've been here for 3 years, but...eh

The Mütter museum is one of my actual favorite museums (and mentioned it earlier in another thread funnily enough). As for other places-

If you haven't been to Eastern State Penitentiary, its really neat to visit, especially if you want to see more of the historical stuff.

The Academy of Natural Sciences is actually the oldest natural history museum in the US, though the exhibits are more your tradition natural history flair. They house Thomas Jefferson's collection and quite a few type specimens, including Hadrosaurus, the first nearly complete dinosaur skeleton in North America and the first mounted in the world. Though just going through the museum you won't be able to see a lot of this, so it may not be the most historically focused.

Not necessarily a historical tour, but Reading Terminal Market is the nation's oldest farmers market, and you can get everything from delicious sandwiches, cookies, jams, ice cream, books, knick knacks, groceries- all sorts of things there. Its worth going to.

As for other places, I'm going to throw Pittsburgh out there, though I don't know if it is east coast enough. Though not as old as Philadelphia, the Carnegie Museum is first rate, both natural history and art. The Mattress Factory is also amazing if you like factory installation art- I've always thought it was really cool and unique. That's not really historical though. And for historical stuff, the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh has something called the Nationality rooms- each room is designed to represent a culture that settled in the area, so there are a variety of classrooms representing everything from Italy to Israel. Classes are held in the majority of these rooms, but you can always ask the person running it if any of the rooms are off limits at the time, and audio tours are available.
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