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Wolf's Mask Tattoo by Elfy won the Craft Spotlight! so there's this girl i really like... and her mask is so nice... it chases away the darkness, y'know? it makes the moon shine even brighter on a night like tonight...
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by Lazurite » August 16, 2019 07:34 PM

Last Edited: August 16, 2019 07:46 PM

I leave for a few months and come back to a Splatfest? What did I miss??
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Hello again!

by Lazurite » August 16, 2019 07:02 PM

Last Edited: August 16, 2019 11:43 PM

Hey, everyone! I'm finally back! I left once the site left beta because the sudden changes to Everything distressed me, but I miss this place, dangit, and it's been long enough that my brain's stopped registering it as a change. Glad to be back!
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Gloria's Cute Customs!

by Gloria » August 16, 2019 06:59 PM

Last Edited: August 16, 2019 11:58 PM

✬Gloria's Cute Customs✬

HII!! Welcome to my shop! The Kith Family are here to help and we're all excited to start makin' some cool and cute clothes!

The details are under the spoiler tab!

How to Sponsor!

Trade me a Custom Submission or 500 gems with the name of what you want to sponsor!

How to Sponsor (Recolors!)

Trade me 200 shards and the name and color of what you want to sponsor!

If you want a more complex recolor like additions or redraws, that's gonna include a bit more with 250 gems

How to Commission!

Commissions come a bit pricier! Custom submission+100 gems or 600 gems

Please send me any refrences or at least the most detailed description of the item.

After you send the trade, I'll begin a sketch and send it to you for confirmation. Once you confirm the sketch I'll do the line, color, and shade. After the final version is done I'll send it again for final review before I submit it.

Free Copy

If you sponsor an item, you get the free creator's copy!

Feel free to ask any questions if you have em!

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Kith nibblug smore

New Items: August User Submissions!!

by Shady Character » August 16, 2019 03:24 PM

Last Edited: August 16, 2019 10:02 PM

A man's work is never done. Don't worry, Kiddos, despite all the craziness going on, good old Shady won't let you down. I've made sure to sort through all the new stock and have it properly prepared for release. Even the unfortunately colorful items...

So in between helping me out take down the rainbow menace, make sure to stop by the Backstage Broker to check out all these creative new submissions.

I guess I should also remember to plug Club's nonsense... that contest she's running over in the Special Events Contests Forum for the new Clothing Design Contest she has going. Create one new item and up to 10 colors of that item, then compete for your chance to have it added to my store along with all these beautiful options. (Clearly you should include a couple monochrome/black/white/gray recolors to show your support for old Shady.)

First Time Submitter! Scullpanda:
Veiled Rose Crown Selection - ( Blue Veiled Rose Crown, Black Veiled Rose Crown, Pink Veiled Rose Crown, Purple Veiled Rose Crown, Red Veiled Rose Crown, Indigo Veiled Rose Crown, Green Veiled Rose Crown, Wine Veiled Rose Crown, Gold Veiled Rose Crown )
Bubble Tea Witches Hat Selection - ( Prism Bubble Tea Witches Hat, Monochrome Bubble Tea Witches Hat, Pastel Bubble Tea Witches Hat, Green Bubble Tea Witches Hat, Blue Bubble Tea Witches Hat )

First Time Submitter! Rayne:
Pretty Hazel Eyes

Goddess Ponytail Selection - ( Black Goddess Ponytail, Blond Goddess Ponytail, Crimson Goddess Ponytail, Sienna Goddess Ponytail, Umber Goddess Ponytail, Prism Goddess Ponytail )
Princess Braid Selection - ( Princess Rose Braid )
Tall Purple Mowhawk
Blond Avoreal Pigtails

Striped Slick Black Hair Selection - ( White Striped Slick Black Hair, Purple Striped Slick Black Hair )
Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask Selection - ( Black Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask )
Witchery Hats Selection - ( Autumn Fire Witchery Hat, Luminous Rose Witchery Hat, Luminous Rose Raven Witchery Hat, Spectrum Rose Witchery Hat, Prism Rose Witchery Hat )
Wavy Undercut Selection - ( Black Buzzed Wavy Undercut )

Ghost Friend Selection - ( Nefarious Ghost, Blep Ghost )

Purple Avoreal Legs

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Shady forum new
Avatar image 1820190717 11785 44octj

Side Accounts

by uhhjoyce27 » August 16, 2019 12:52 PM

So, as far as I'm aware, side accounts are allowed right? My main is [@Gryffinbird].

Basically, I want to start from scratch. I've been playing so long that by the time the secrets were released in order to unlock other remnants. So I really wanna get that experience. Thing is, I don't know any rules regarding side accounts. What are they? Where can I find them?
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Kith 200px 0002 alicorn green fullsize.png

Buying 300 Gems (for 90,000 Shards)

by Leslie » August 16, 2019 12:37 AM

Last Edited: August 16, 2019 12:37 AM

Looking to buy up to 300 Gems at a 1:300 Gems-to-Shards ratio!
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Kith orange

Monochrome/Prism Event Quest List

by Archivist » August 16, 2019 12:04 AM

Last Edited: August 16, 2019 09:40 AM

Is it ok to compile a list of the Quests and their rewards? I think it would be helpful to remember, and calculate which ones are most "worth it".

I'll compile a list here, please contribute if you can, using Spoilers please.


Black Out Strike
The dangerous thing about Plot Bunnies is how quickly they multiply before scattering in all directions.

Before accepting the Quest:

After accepting the Quest:
"Hrmp. I don't know how Club has been digging up so much help, but we need to do something about the enemy's chain of supply. See if you can get your hands on some of those Colorful Plot Bunnies of theirs and we can slow them down at their source."

Requires: Colorful Plot Bunnies x5

After completing the Quest:
"Quick, get them into the black dye! We have to neutralize them before they start getting their gross little colors everywhere. Good job! Grab yourself some drinks from the cooler on your way out. I've got a man on the inside at the Arcade keeping us stocked up. "

Reward: Miscellaneous Sodas x4 (?)
Cranberry Soda, Cream Soda, Root Beer Soda, Strawberry Soda

Materials of War
I guess if we run out of dye I could run to the Shadow Stage to get some ink...

Before accepting the Quest:
After accepting the Quest:
"Hm, I'm getting a little low on my Monochrome materials. Can you help me out, Kiddo? I'll be able to make some more Monochromatic Plot Bunnies if you do. "

Requires: Miscellaneous Dyes, cleaning supplies x3-5
Black Dye, White Dye, Bar of Soap, Laundry Detergent, Wet Wipe

After completing the Quest:

Paint it Black
I wonder if I could hook some black dye up to the Painbow's water intake at her house...

Before accepting the Quest:
"Looks like Shady could use some extra funds to buy more dye. "

After accepting the Quest:
"Hey Kiddo, got any spare change you could toss my way? I have to be extra careful with how I spend my Shards these days with the Painbow breathing down my neck on taxes. I swear between Club eating me out of house and home and making sure the shop stays all above board, I never have anything left over for myself. "

Requires: Approx. 1500-2500 Shards

After completing the Quest:


Colorful Warfare
You'd think I'd be better at controlling Plot Bunnies, but once they get an idea in their head, there's no stopping them...

Before accepting the Quest:
"Looks like Club needs some help getting Shady's Monochrome Plot Bunnies away from him. "

After accepting the Quest:
"Why are people helping Shady?! I don't understand! He's ruining Prism Party! This was supposed to be for Diana's birthday! Is it because she always wants to make things harder for people!? She just has a different taste in balance! I swear she tones it down if I just nibble on her a little! Please, I need to you grab me some of Shady's Monochrome Plot Bunnies before we get overwhelmed! "

Requires: Monochrome Plot Bunnies x5

After completing the Quest:
"Yes! Here! Put them in the paint! Watch your fingers! SOAK IN RAINBOW, YOU LITTLE BRATS! Good! I can relax a little now. Thanks, Archivist - we don't have a lot left around here, but Jr has been doing grocery runs for me so I can try and replace all the snacks that Shady ruined. Help yourself!"

Reward: Miscellaneous groceries x3-4
Raw Beef, Milk Carton, Butter, Flour

Multicolored Materials
Hm, maybe I can take a page from Fray's notebook and try subbing in tea and soda for dye...

Before accepting the Quest:
"Club needs more colorful supplies to fight Shady!"

After accepting the Quest:
"Oh no! I'm almost out of materials to make all my colorful stuff! Hey Archivist, can you grab me a short grocery list? I'm sure Jay will be happy to see you!"

Requires: Miscellaneous Dyes, cleaning supplies x3-5
Yellow Dye, Dark Green Dye, Bucket, Paint Bucket, Rubber Gloves,

After completing the Quest:


Before accepting the Quest:
After accepting the Quest:
After completing the Quest:

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Kith wolf orange3 200

Hello! I'm new!

by LegallyInsane » August 15, 2019 05:33 PM

Well, a couple days old actually. Figured it was time I introduce myself.

Hoi! My user is, obviously, LegallyInsane and I use it pretty much everywhere. Feel free to call me any iteration of my user, Sora or Anna.

I also just want to say that I love the pet art here?? It's sooooo nice! Has a cartoon-y-anime-y feel and I looooooove stuff like that. I also completely adore the avatar art.

Just popping in to say hi! And that I absolutely love Juno(my active Kith), he's precious and I just- Ack-
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Kith blue1

Achievement not being granted

by Ruevian » August 14, 2019 05:45 PM

Helloooo~ I am now at 313 points for Monocrome and have yet to receive the achievement for it.
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Basically can't view half the site

by ValiantValkyrie » August 14, 2019 07:18 AM

Last Edited: August 14, 2019 10:00 AM

so a good portion of the site seems really glitchy. so far it's the quest pages, direct forum pages (ie, the actual threads + new topic pages (including this one), i can navigate the forums as long as i'm not trying to read anything), and the kith allies pages.

here's a link to an imgur album with just some screenshots. please note how the scrollbar on the side (in at least one of them i think) is about halfway down the page before i got to any real content. everything is left aligned, and from a glance several menus are repeating. https://imgur.com/a/Ww8jLQK

i'm running the newest version of chrome on windows 10. i do have ublock but i temporarily disabled it with no changes. otherwise none of my extensions would change the site i'm viewing.

edit: things seem to be changing randomly. suddenly i can't view the forums, but reading this thread in particular is fine. editing it is not. allies and quests are still down. this is a wild ride.
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