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Kith stage3 yellow2 200px
They say you are what you eat… Does that mean I’m going to turn into my favorite food?
Personality curious 6acd2c4653549d80763d00bebd157a58fa924c0f03c587028b13f01f19887559 Curious Lumence
  • Alliance Anniversary:November 02, 2016

Ability Stats

Power 258 Energy 224
Guard 336 Reason 422
Speed 322 Health 252

Activity Log

Today I'm... Relaxing
Total Activities 0


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    Sylvia whose name means "from the forest" (entirely unintentional, by the way: I only found out about this just recently), is the 1499th registered Kith and first few Lumence recorded to have had interactions with a human. I originally found her in a severely debilitated state caused by the tatters that were beginning to envelop her body. It was only through an aura, strong will, and many medicines that she was able to recover. When she did, I took her to see Iris, who remarked that she was a naturally curious Kith -- one that partnered well with me, and was allowed to have her stay with me.

    When she first came onto the campus with me, she was always checking up with Miranda and her business while I remained was a bit neutral with her. Miranda appeared pretty interested in Sylvia, though, and the two became fast friends. She [Sylvia] would often discuss what had been written in the newspaper that week, especially the comic panels about Django, Beacon's Ally, who became one of the first Heroic Lumences in Hope.

    After hearing about Fray, Sylvia yearned to meet him to help teach him self-discipline and relaxation. She was incredibly excited to discover that another one of her kind was allied to Andre!

    English Vocabulary
    Circle of Life
    Serious Business
    In The Mouth of a Wolf

    Personality changed from Curious to Cheerful on November the 11th, 2016.
    Personality changed back to Curious on November the 11th, 2016 around 5pm CST.
    Earned the "Curious" achievement for Sylvia's Curious Heart on February the 15th, 2017, at 8:50pm CST.
    Sylvia switched to her 2nd stage on February the 21st around 6:45pm CST.
    Sylvia switched to her 3rd stage on May the 7th around 3:45pm CST.

    First visited the Enchanted Forest on February the 14th, 2017.


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