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Tattered Weave

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Fate Flower by Quintillion won the Art Spotlight!
"She loves me, she loves me not..."
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Frost’s Profile

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Kith stage four blue
I can't decide what my best feature is. My sharp teeth? My quick claws? My laser eyes? Pew pew! Hey, I can dream.
Personality impulsive 6380dde00a3bcff5f9e87e4b7a9528461a322baccbf8b811cfb0977efe7d8708 Impulsive Ferrec
  • Kith ID: 1869
  • Kith Stage:4th
  • Kith Ally: Midgar
  • Alliance Anniversary:December 03, 2016

Ability Stats

Power 400 Energy 412
Guard 518 Reason 507
Speed 401 Health 403

Activity Log

Today I'm... Relaxing
Total Activities 187
Favorite Activity Picking up Shards


  • Thumbnail popup the narrative
    The Narrative
  • Thumbnail popup nosferatu
  • Thumbnail popup shark week
    Shark Week
  • Thumbnail popup so you wantto be a...banker
    So You Want To Be A Banker
  • Thumbnail popup waterproofing and you3
    Waterproofing and You!
  • Thumbnail popup housekeeping with animals
    Housekeeping with Animals
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    • Thumbnail popup pesto beef
      Pesto Moorometz
    • Thumbnail popup coconut shrimp
      Coconut Shrimp
    • Thumbnail popup seared steak
      Moorometz and Onions
    • Thumbnail popup sea urchin sushi
      Sea Urchin Roll
    • Thumbnail popup roast quakrometz
      Roasted Quackrometz
    • Thumbnail popup slow cooked chicken
      Stewed Cheeprometz
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    • Thumbnail popup performing marionette
      Performing Marionette
    • Thumbnail popup tentacle chew toy
      Tentacle Teething Toy
    • Thumbnail popup coconuts doll
      Coconut Doll
    • Thumbnail popup toy sword
      Toy Sword
    • Thumbnail popup party hat
      Party Hat
    • Thumbnail popup wooden recorder
      Wooden Recorder
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    Found as a solitary kith on 7/30/17. Maybe Frost will stick around. He only eats meat so that's neat.
    Re-adopted on 11/3/2018. :3


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