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Tattered Weave

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Winged kitty by Featherfalls won the Avatar Spotlight!
I decided to enter this month's avatar contest with a winged cat. Because everyone likes birds, and everyone likes cats, am I right?
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Kith white3
Wow, ! You look different! I like it!
Personality accomplished 1541a758affc5424d1fdf861b9f9960d90abe2114bef5a0427674bf0f5234d16 Accomplished Veilious
  • Kith ID: 4163
  • Kith Stage:3rd
  • Kith Ally: Dread
  • Alliance Anniversary:October 31, 2017

Ability Stats

Power 425 Energy 415
Guard 552 Reason 445
Speed 400 Health 400

Activity Log

Today I'm... Finding an Item
Total Activities 611
Favorite Activity Finding an Item


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    We contain multitudes

    Graphite has revealed much of their personality even in our short time together- they are not one, but many, and each has their own wants, needs and desires. Here I will briefly introduce "The Pack"-

    The Naive- "Oh no! My blanket! I ripped it! Wahh!"- The Naive was the first to emerge from her blanket, but also one of the most shy of the bunch. She loves nothing more than to snuggle up on a rainy day with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

    The Impulsive- "Yes-No-Yes-No-Maybe-No-Yes- Argh, this is impossible! SOMEONE has to make a decision already!" The Impulsive is indecisive to the T, and struggled a lot with the initial introduction. Eventually they came to realize that they were fine to emerge and explore when they want, and I will always be there to help in any decision making process.

    The Stoic- "It may not always feel like it, but we are who we’re meant to be on the inside." The Stoic is, as her name implies, one of the quietest of the bunch, but she is also one of the most helpful- always there to lend an ear or advice, she is especially close to some of the more nervous members of the pack, the Impulsive and the Bashful in particular, and remains steadfastly by anyones side who needs a shoulder to lean on.

    The Sassy- "When it comes down to it, all those little voices in your head only matter as much as you let them be heard." The sassy is the most sarcastic of the group, and loves to tease others, but ultimately he does care a lot, and if anyone, whether of the pack of outside of the group, is hurting he will be there, often with a quick joke to distract them.

    The Regal- "This blanket isn’t big enough for all of us. Fetch me another!" Ahhh the most demanding of the pack, they do seem to believe they are the most important member. Sometimes they just need a gentle reminder, sometimes not so gentle. But there are enough blankets for all, so in the end it works out.

    The Brave- "There’s no need to be scared of the dark! I’m dark and I’m not scary at all!" The brave is another who introduced herself pretty early on- a great admirer of the Hero, she only wants to save others from whatever terrible monster they may be facing- she will fight the dark if you wish her too...somehow.

    The Charming- "You’re welcome to share a scrap of my blanket, Dread. You uh, might have to tug a little." The Charming oozes confidence, and when others are more nervous will often step in to take control for a bit. A great mediator, he only wishes to share what he has and charm others with a smile and a story.

    The Prankster- "Hehehe, Dread, you wouldn’t believe the places I can fit a mask through without anyone noticing…" The Prankster didn't reveal themself at first, choosing to surprise me with a number of silly pranks. However, after a bucket of water prank went awry and fell on poor Howlite the Castwick, The Prankster realized maybe they should be more careful with what pranks they tried to pull. Luckily Howlite forgave them and have since become fast friends...I'm still not sure if that is a good thing.

    The Cheerful- "Are we playing catch? I’m at a disadvantage! Look, I may have a lot of hands, but they’re usually full!"- The cheerful always has a smile to bring, but is also one of the most busy of the pack- he has a tendency to try to fix everyone's problems with a song and a cheerful mood, but also has a tendency to forget to take care of himself at times. He is learning though.

    The Bashful- "D-don’t look under m-my mask! I-I’m not ready to be seen yet…"- One of the last to emerge from the blanket for introductions, the Bashful mostly hangs out with The Naive, as like her they are most comfortable snuggled under a blanket and taking things slow.

    The Gentle- "Shh….If you’re real quiet, I’ll whisper my true name under the mask."- The Gentle is the calmest of the bunch, and does his best to not let anything upset him. The most deft with his hands, he enjoys fixing things, mostly repairs to the packs blanket that the Prankster and the Impulsive always seem to unintentionally tear up.

    The Curious- "Sometimes even I’m not sure who I am in the moment…"- The Curious has a tendency to stick her nose in other people's business- she never means any harm, but she desperately wants to understand everything around her- what are the roles of everyone in Hope? Why don't they wear masks? What is this Forest and why is the Princess' hair so shiny? Oh wait Dread is this the Princess you are always....(shhhhh be quiet for once please)

    The Accomplished- "There’s nothing we can’t do if we work together!"- The Accomplished is the most learned of the group, and uses their knowledge to help where they can- whether that is cheering up an upset Bashful, chiding Prankster for going to far, or helping Brave in their latest conquest, they are always where they are needed most in the pack.


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