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Tattered Weave

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Kith stage4 black2 200px
Wanna go exploring?
Personality brave b1431750a7d7e1f4c031675d0fe22cf73e958c2e2b1a61eea3de073f5f98f506 Brave Flipperfin
  • Kith ID: 5014
  • Kith Stage:4th
  • Kith Ally: Midgar
  • Alliance Anniversary:April 09, 2018

Ability Stats

Power 406 Energy 402
Guard 402 Reason 406
Speed 406 Health 412

Activity Log

Today I'm... Relaxing
Total Activities 296
Favorite Activity Finding an Item


  • Thumbnail popup noir
  • Thumbnail popup classical mythology
    Classical Mythology
  • Thumbnail popup siren songs
    Siren Songs
  • Thumbnail popup space astronomy
    Space/ Astronomy
  • Thumbnail popup languages of the past
    Languages of the Past
  • Thumbnail popup circle of life
    Circle of Life
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      Snips and Snails Salad
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      Red Deathcap
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      Graveglow Torches
    • Thumbnail popup witch s brooms
      Witch's Broom
    • Thumbnail popup chocolate frog caramel
      Caramel Frog
    • Thumbnail popup roasted beet pasta
      Roasted Beet Pasta
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      Blepper Stickers
    • Thumbnail popup glowcrayons2
      Glow in the Dark Crayons
    • Thumbnail popup pastelmarkers
      Pastel Marker Set
    • Thumbnail popup never baby
      Never Baby
    • Thumbnail popup jigsaw puzzle 2
      Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Thumbnail popup nest of avoreals
      Nest of Avoreals
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    We can soar through the sea and waves
    To places unknown
    It might be scary
    But I promise not to leave you alone



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