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Tattered Weave

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The Beauty of Hoarding by Himochi won the Gallery Spotlight! Collecting everything means you have all kinds of beauty, for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their tastes!
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Kith wolf orange3 200
|-|111! Just kidding, I don’t talk like that, I talk like this!
Personality prankster 59a5026f4a638a3962b96a45785a9c8540e69695f042696c9d453716a33d22d9 Prankster Scalyx
  • Kith ID: 5775
  • Kith Stage:3rd
  • Kith Ally: Aotani
  • Alliance Anniversary:September 21, 2018

Ability Stats

Power 373 Energy 400
Guard 384 Reason 503
Speed 384 Health 434

Activity Log

Today I'm... Relaxing
Total Activities 14
Favorite Activity Picking up Shards


  • Thumbnail popup rub a dub dub
  • Thumbnail popup journey to the outside of the earth
    Journey to the Outside of the Earth
  • Thumbnail popup natural science
    Natural Science
  • Thumbnail popup from seed to sprout
    From Seed to Sprout
  • Thumbnail popup final fashion
    Final Fashion
  • Thumbnail popup taming of the grue
    Taming of the Grue
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  • 10 11 12


    • Thumbnail popup grog
      Golden Grog
    • Thumbnail popup chips sour cream
      Sour Cream and Onion Chips
    • Thumbnail popup lollipop strawberry
      Strawberry Lollipop
    • Thumbnail popup berry bunch
      Berry Bunch
    • Thumbnail popup diet orginal
      Diet Cola Pop Soda
    • Thumbnail popup orange popsicle
      Orange Popsicle
    « 1 3
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  • 16 17 18


    • Thumbnail popup phaser gun
      Phaser Gun
    • Thumbnail popup creative crafts kit
      Creative Crafts Kit
    • Thumbnail popup wagon
      Toy Wagon
    • Thumbnail popup space spotties
      Space Spottie
    • Thumbnail popup baby egg
      Baby Egg
    • Thumbnail popup sharpshooter scooter
      Hover Scooter
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  • 11 12 13



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