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Tattered Weave

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Inside the Everstorm by 1412 won the Writing Spotlight!
There was a sudden lack of noise as what could only be described as the opposite of thunder rolled through the tatters.
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Kith frog 3 red sm
Yes, I am quite impressive.
Personality regal 9bb4b0097356c257c8e117c672b1e474c06bae2c32d6f8890fb54fa8d36740b8 Regal Blepper
  • Kith ID: 6146
  • Kith Stage:3rd
  • Kith Ally: Midgar
  • Alliance Anniversary:January 04, 2019

Ability Stats

Power 416 Energy 402
Guard 403 Reason 408
Speed 402 Health 409

Activity Log

Today I'm... Relaxing
Total Activities 52
Favorite Activity Finding an Item


  • Thumbnail popup faerie tales by holly blackberry
    Faerie Tales
  • Thumbnail popup catwalk etiquette
    Catwalk Etiquette
  • Thumbnail popup practicing poses
    Practicing Poses
  • Thumbnail popup the sorcerer s nephew
    The Sorcerer's Nephew
  • Thumbnail popup the rapier in the rock
    The Rapier in the Rock
  • Thumbnail popup social studies
    Social Studies
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    • Thumbnail popup fried whelk
      Fried Whelks
    • Thumbnail popup mixed green salad
      Mixed Green Salad
    • Thumbnail popup gingerbread ship
      Gingerbread Pirate Ship
    • Thumbnail popup sweet potato pie
      Sweet Potato Pie
    • Thumbnail popup black bird barley soup
      Blackbird Barley Soup
    • Thumbnail popup apple jam
      Apple Jam
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    • Thumbnail popup peg doll set
      Wooden Peg Doll Painting Set
    • Thumbnail popup fireflies
      Jar of Fireflies
    • Thumbnail popup performing marionette
      Performing Marionette
    • Thumbnail popup whitepuzzle
      White Puzzle
    • Thumbnail popup barkers box
      Barker's Box
    • Thumbnail popup fashion board
      Barkie Fashion
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