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Inside the Everstorm by 1412 won the Writing Spotlight!
There was a sudden lack of noise as what could only be described as the opposite of thunder rolled through the tatters.
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April Update: Solarium Quests!

Written by Admin  Posted on April 16, 2019
Our major update for April is here! Since Elliot only recently came into public view, I figured he should get to be our very first character from the Cosmic Solarium to have Hourly and Daily Quests! The others will follow over the next few weekdays. We'll also be tweaking some of the Quests in other Remnants, such as the much-requested change to Coral Reef Quests that have an imbalance between Tethys' and Bonnie's items.

I decided to change the name of our monthly "events" to instead be a major "update" now that we have a specific Event feature so as to avoid confusion. While it would be a thrill to have an Event like that every month, we'd run ourselves ragged trying to keep up with that pace while we still have such a small staff! I hope this change makes sense and helps clarify what we aim to do with these monthly updates, in providing some kind of exciting advancement/progress on site development each month so that you all get to enjoy continuous content. :) If you have any questions, please let me know!

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