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Code Update: 8/19/19

Written by Admin  Posted on August 19, 2019
It's time for another code update! The battle system is still our big project in the works, but we've got some minor improvements in the meanwhile.

First and foremost, an oversight in the Block feature was brought to my attention recently and we have made changes to address those loopholes. Blocked posts are now hidden from the Recent Activity and Search pages in addition to the standard Forum pages. Users will also no longer receive any tag notifications from blocked users.

Following up on an intriguing user suggestion, we have tentatively added columns to our BBCode. Advanced users can set column widths by percentage within a container using the following code:

Please note that you'll need to make sure your percentages equal 100 in order to fit properly. For example, a 3-column layout might use 33, 34, and 33 to make equal column widths, or 10, 10, and 80 to make uniquely-sized widths, etc.

These columns will resize for mobile layouts, so you'll need to keep in mind that images will shrink and font sizes will not, so what looks 'perfect' on your desktop view may skew differently on mobile layouts. Try to keep your content readable for everyone, please! Feedback on this styling can be posted in this thread, or if you have a specific request, in the User Suggestions Forum.

There are a few pages that still use HTML rather than BBCode (User Profiles, User Shops, User Galleries, and User Wishlists) which will be converted to BBCode use in the future. Happy customizing!

Event Achievements have been bugged due to the removal of NPC Reputation from Event Quests. We've put a hopeful fix together that should be in place later today to grant the Achievement after completing Event Quests even if they do not grant NPC Reputation points.

We will also be changing the Quest pop-up formatting to accommodate CSS color changes. The new format will place the Quest summary in italics at the top of the pop-up beside the Quest name and icon. The in-character dialog that was previously there will be swapped to the lower section, since that section is typically dialog spoken in character. Hopefully this will help with consistency and ease of use, since you can quickly check on old Quests to see the summary and remember what was going on!

As always, if you notice a problem due to this code update, please report it in the Technical Support Forum so I can address it as soon as possible. Thank you all again for making Tattered World the best it can be!

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