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October Event: The Ritual

Written by Admin  Posted on October 30, 2019
[Catch up on the Event so far]


So many assembled, staring at me...
What I would give, simply to flee.
But all the leylines thrum beneath my feet,
One final challenge I must rise to meet.
How can I hope to channel this power
When my stress is mounting by the hour?

But no... My Illuminary Knights are stationed throughout this dance,
And many times of late have they leant me their reassurance.
So I must quiet my concerns, for one last chance to mend -
And then at last this endless night can end...

But first... one thing more is in store...

Well, Othidar? Who, pray tell,
Have you uncovered and discovered to be
The mastermind who hopes to murder me?
Only once before in my life have I felt this gripping certainty -
Like Merlin himself warning me of some hidden prophecy -
That the Enchanted Forest's throne risks being defiled
And this time, I know better than when I was a mere child.
You must speak! The time is now at hand!
Which traitor spreads their venom through our land?

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