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Wolf on the Prowl by Elfy won the Art Spotlight!
Wolf is....a badass. And I love her already. Even if she scares me a little.
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Contest: Shady Cooking

When the Mods are away...

Pst....PSSSTTT! Hey, you, yeah you! Are the Mods gone? UGH! FINALLY! I thought those mooks would never leave! Ah, things are so much easier when it’s just us law-abiding townsfolk, amiright or amiright?! Who even is gunna break rules around this place?! Yeesh. Mods. Who needs them.

But uh, they have been working pretty hard on fixing up the dorm kitchens I hear.  You know, from my uh... source. And uh, speaking of kitchens, old Jay hasn't been stocking too much in the way of Kitchen gear has she? Poor girl is overworked as it is, so out of the goodness of my heart I thought maybe I could get in on the ground floor of this whole money gra- I mean, uh, get in on HELPING OUR FINE AND WONDERFUL COMMUNITY. Yeah yeah, so, see, me and my source did some digging and oh boy did we find something REAL nice.An oven. Like, a whole, mostly working oven! Sweet, right?! She's a real beauty. But uh... see, I can't keep it. I'm a terrible cook, it’d just be fires all over and then the whole town would burn down and I'd be chucked into the tatters. Nah nah, see it’d be a lot better if I sold- er...GAVE it away to someone. But you see, I only got one big beautiful Oven. So how do I chose one lucky soul to get it?

High score?
Nah nah, Headmaster’s kiddo might see me...er...I mean, not everyone likes the games all that much!
What about...whoever makes me laugh the hardest? Yeah!
What I want is to feel good about my own miserable cooking skills, so you lot have a chance to win this (currently) One-Of-A-Kind OVEN by telling me about the WORST meal you've ever had! One lucky winner will get the oven and me and my source will see what else we can haul out of the trash for other participants.

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New Items: Facial Hair!

Don’t worry, I’ll “shave” you!

Ah, I just got finished with the Headmaster’s bi-weekly beard trim and it got me thinking, darlings. Do you know what everyone deserves? Glorious, full-bodied facial hair! Beards! Mustaches! Even that just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-barely-trying look! They all have their benefits! And they can certainly help anyone who feels their maturity and wisdom is hindered by a cute baby face. Not to fear, your options are no longer limited to wearing Wrinkles! I’ve gotten out the straight razors and trimmer and brushed up on my classic barbering skills. Starting today you will be able to get a Bushy Mustache, Curly Mustache, Full Beard, Long Beard, Goatee, Soul Patch, and a Five O'clock Shadow down at the Salon. Don’t cut in line, I’ll be hair all day! Ahaha!

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Andre's Hourly Quests

Tailored for you

Andre’s Hourly Quests have been uploaded! Remember that it may take an hour or two for those to show up on your account. My job as Quest editor has been somewhat difficult since we’re short Gardening and Tailoring, two of the crafts I had hoped to have ready for Closed Beta. However…

Cooking is nearly done! I’ve squashed as many bugs as I could find as of today, so we’ll be uploading the necessary backend over the next two weeks! Myth, Steph, and I are all headed to Gencon as of tomorrow, so you may not see much of us until next week. Club has promised to hold down the fort while we’re gone, but she seems to be associating with some… shady characters as of late… Oh well! I’m sure that’s nothing to worry about, and will definitely not come up in any way while we’re gone!

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New Items: Pizza!

Like a Big Pizza Pie

Look, sometimes quick and easy is exactly what you need, and nothing says “quick and easy” like a proper pizza! I’ve got four new styles on my shelves now: Cheese, Meat Lover’s, Pepperoni, and Veggie. Ooooh, the whole shop smells like sauce and delicious melted cheese now...

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Lycus' Hourly Quests


A few more Hourly Quests have been uploaded! Remember that it may take an hour or two before you receive the new Quests. This time we learn a bit more about Lycus, who runs a haphazard lab/donation area at the University Lab. I’ll probably add a few more Hourly Quests for him over the weekend too, but I can’t make any promises. Thanks again for all your help and patience across the site!

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