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A Tribute to Two Dads by Moth King of Moths won the Craft Spotlight! Happy Father's day to two great dads!! Othidad and BatteryDad!!
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New Premium Items: Windswept & Cloudy!

Ooh, wasn't that just the most wonderful summer Fraycation~? It was so fun to meet all of these delightful new people - and to hear all the latest gossip from across the Remnants, teehee! Like, what is even going on in the Enchanted Forest right now? Everyone was so secretive and kept trying to dodge my questions, but all the rumors that I heard through the grapevine have led me to the obvious secret… Surely you've made your guesses as well? A princess' reluctant leave of absence from some kind of danger... Her magical assistant sworn to secrecy about their plans... Guarded by her most trusted noble elf while she's away... Unsure whether they can ask for help from Hope, where her dear suitor lives... Clearly there is an arranged marriage afoot! Yes, I'm certain that's exactly what's going on!! What else would need so much suspicious party planning?!

Of course, the citizens of Hope also know how to come together and have a good time, so don't worry, Princess Sel-Cela- sorry, I do not know how to pronounce those Elven syllables. But you should run away to join your darling dearest here in Hope! We've got our amazing annual Prism Party coming up this month, and from what I hear, it's gonna bring some shade to all this fun in the sun, teehee! I couldn't stop daydreaming about all the festivities while I was lounging around on the beach with all those hotties, gazing at the windswept clouds and chatting with Kei and Andre about what new outfits we could wear to the celebration… And then, I had the idea that we should get some pretty outfits BASED on those prismatic puffy clouds!

Andre and Kei thought it would be fun, too, so they took a break from that adorable will-they-won't-they dynamic of theirs to brainstorm some ideas with me, and we came up with the Windswept Cloudy Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: Windswept Cloudy Badge! Teehee~ I suppose I could have saved these outfits to debut until the celebrations actually started, but it's never too soon to get ready for a party, am I right? And just look at them!

Here we've got the beautiful Prism Windswept Cloudy Dress, which you can make even classier with the addition of a Prism Cloudy Bolero! And after admiring all of the cloaks that seem so popular among the Shadow Stage Thespians, Andre even stitched up a Prism Cloudy Cape, too!

Of course, Kei really outdid himself with some glamorous hairstyles… Why, I hear that on our vacation, he even convinced a vampire to experiment with some sassy new looks! So why not try asking him to style up your luscious locks into a fluffy Prism Long Cloudy Hair style or the romantic Prism Windswept Wild Hair?

Ooh! Which reminds me - did anyone else get to have a swoonworthy summer romance?! I certainly had a lot of fun myself, singing duets on the beach with a pretty Mermaid! We were just like two peas in a pod, teehee - but then the poor thing got so upset when I told her it was time for me to head back to my garden, wailing and carrying on about traitorous pirates and cruel princesses and the folly of two-legged love... it was all a bit sudden for me, but I may need to ask around for advice on Coral Reef apologies. Hopefully there weren't too many hurt feelings! I didn't mean to make the poor girl cry...

Anyway, Nicholas will be stocking all of these pretty Windswept Cloudy clothes in his Headmaster's Office, so it's time to start letting your inner rainbow sparkle!! Ooh, sweet peas, once you're all dressed up, you should stop by my Greenhouse Gardens to show me your outfits - whaddya say?

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July Update: Fray's Secret!

[Click here to read a summary of this month's update so far!]


Phew... Home, sweet home. I've never been so grateful to see my shop in my life. Although when I think of all the work I have to catch up on, I'm not sure how I'm going to muster up the energy. I think I need a vacation after that Fraycation...

Still, Fray, you worked so hard, and you finally managed to release all of your Quests! It seems like people have really been enjoying that extra chance to get to know you. And - o-oh dear, I've just realized that now we have to start working on your Secret Quest. Gulp... It's going to be a long haul, but don't worry, once I've caught up on some sleep, I'll be here to support you and -

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New Items: July Recolors!!

Phew! What a busy month it has been huh? Between Fraycations and Conventions I'm ready for some good old summer relaxation! Since Fray is still getting unpacked from his trip, I volunteered to run this months new Custom Kith releases!

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July Update: Fray's Quests!

[Click here to read a summary of this month's update so far!]


BYE, ELVES!! BYE, AVOREALS!!! BYE-BYE, FRIENDLY TALKIN' TREES!!!!! Sorry again about all the climbin'!

BYE, THESPIANS!! Thanks for all the fancy paper flap-flaps t' hide from the sun!!! AN' FOR ALL THE CANDY!!!! ...but not for the scary, scary eyeball food....

Oh hey, Andre! I was jus' gonna go splash on into the ocean t' say goodbye t' all my new Merfolk pals! You wanna come? WE CAN HAVE A DIVIN' PARTY!!

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Welcome, New Users!

The Tattered World team has returned (and is still recovering) from Otakon, where we met tons of awesome new users! If you're joining us for the first time, welcome! Here are a few quick tips to get you started!

- Be sure to complete the Tutorial for a quick orientation to Hope University! Plus, you can always learn more about a feature by clicking the gold Tutorial button at the top of any page on the site.

- There are tons of ways to earn items in the game! You can buy them in Shops, in the Marketplace, or on the Forums. You can also find free stuff in the University Lab, get cheap items from your Daily Quests, or ask your Kith to help you with their Kith Activities!

- In addition to your Daily Quests, Hourly Quests help you befriend the in-game characters, and Unique Quests are a great way to learn more about the story.

- You can find tons more tips in the Welcome to Hope and Site Guides forums! Plus, feel free to ask questions in the User Q&A forums at any time!

As for our current storyline in the game? Lots of shopkeepers are finishing up a fun July vacation in the Coral Reef, but rumors have been flying about some kind of mysterious danger brewing in the Enchanted Forest. Eh, it's probably nothing! Why don't we just... ignore that speculation for now, and start getting ready for our annual August Prism Party instead? I'm sure that won't have any consequences...

Finally, if you're curious to hear how the convention went - and if you want to see us cosplaying as some of the characters - you can check out lots of photos on our Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook pages!

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