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Event Summary

Illuminary Gala
Updated October 2019

After months of mysterious rumors, Princess Celariel finally sent out a formal invitation to the Illuminary Gala. People from all of the Remnants accepted, and started to prepare fancy costumes! Alban and Lenta encouraged the users to create outfits, too, explaining that all guests to the Gala should wear masks enchanted with Illusion magic to conceal their identities.

However, once the foreign guests arrived, Princess Celariel confessed that she was worried that there was secretly a plot to overthrow her sometime during the Gala! She introduced three main suspects: Mara the Dryad, General Thelvoskye the Avoreal, and Dynrial the Elf.

As the festivities began in earnest, the guests started to arrive, mingling anonymously as a bunch of Masked Dancers. Outside the Gala, Piper decided to combine Spooktacular Seeba's Halloween skills with the Witch's Shadow Stage expertise, and they collaborated on a fun cross-Remnant Halloweave shop!

Still, plenty of stress was lurking beneath the tricks and treats. As Lenta and Skyler worked to assemble the Gala's magical rejuvenation ritual, they had a tense confrontation with Mara. Shortly thereafter, Dynrial talked Alban into crafting outfits that incorporated Charm magic.
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