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General Quackington coordinates the defense against the Dread Snapping Turtle. Who will win? So far, it's a wash.
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Joined: January 15, 2019 Active Kith: Fanta
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  • 03/10
    Re: Wish List thank you thread

    Thank you anon for all the tailoring supplies!

  • 03/08
    Shop by Category

    My apologize if it's already been suggested before, I took a gander through the forum search and the first few pages and didn't see anything. Either way, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a space where all the different shops would be set up into categories? Like books, toys, clothes, general store (?), food, misc - etc. Either in the Explore menu itself or on it's own page (or even as a simple link on the explore page somewhere) I've only got two remnants open right now (three if you include the Hope Special Shops) - So three menu's to look through when trying to get to specific stores. In terms of memorizing where things are on those lists, that'll come in time obviously. But I can already imagine unlocking all the other remnants and suddenly having to navigate a much longer list with all their sublists. I figured it might be easier if there was a categories esc tab that > into a list of all shop types that > into each shop name. So something like: Explore V Categories/Shops > Books > Campus Suplies .............................................. > Bridge Archive .............................................. > Etc I realized though that this would be the only menu with two nested menus instead of one. So on a technical standpoint I'm not sure it could work with the set-up. So perhaps a Shops page that does the same thing? Either way, I imagine once I get all other remnants and the future ones to come, there's going to be a lot of menus to open to find various things. Memorizing what is where, isn't too difficult. Especially since most of the names are obvious enough, but it might be easier for navigation if there's a spot I can see everything laid out. Something like: Category Type -------------------------------------------------------- * Shop Name ___________ * Shop Name ___________ * Shop name Maybe a plain text version with all of the Remnant names and a list of all their shops too, although we already have the remnant area map that basically does the same thing. I can also see it being a bit extra? Since usually if you get a quest in an area, you're going to be looking for things in that same area. Hope quests tend to ask for hope items - although I do know that some quests ask for other remnant items. Like, I'm not sure if there's a booming need atm to just look for books without taking into consideration WHERE you're looking for books, etc. But either way I figured I'd toss it out as an idea anyway!

  • 02/24
    Re: Last Letter Game!


  • 02/17
    Re: Clarify what Mawnites evolve ...

    just wanted to chime in another person that was somewhat... not disappointed... and I do enjoy the Mawnite design - would probably have gotten one eventually... But I picked it BECAUSE it looked like it was a dragon holding something. I assumed that the dragon, covered in chains (not even realizing it was a 'stone' dragon, just assuming that stony was it's personality) that needed help opening up was just that - and the item it was holding was a little trinket that would evolve with it or as it grew it would show off to me, etc So later when I decided to spoil myself on designs (right before my 1st stage level) and found out that, nah it's the exact opposite of what I thought was... I wasn't sad or anything since I enjoyed the design enough. But like, I have a friend who has a blue dragon character from another pet site, who I named the Mawnite after, because blue dragon and on top of that I like dragons and wanted my first pet to be one, etc etc. Not realizing that the small snake was ACTUALLY the dragon and not the pet that looked like a... well... dragon. I guess it's my fault for not spoiling myself sooner but yeah... if I didn't like the Mawnite skeleton designs that would have probably been it for me here. My first pet, all the time I'd spent getting it's stats to that first stage, etc... would have felt like such an absolute waste that I wouldn't really want to do it all over again only to get something I wasn't expecting or even wanted. Now as for a solution I'm not really sure either. I don't think naming the stages would help much for newbies... like when I was going through the options, I didn't even know what Hope was really. I wouldn't have understood what the heck the "Shadow Stage" was... in fact if anything it would have just made me think "oh this is a spooky dragon then... makes sense with the chains!" and then later learned that The Shadow Stage was another remnant and it had a theme of masks and such... so it wouldn't help the main issue... but I can see it being helpful for general organization for sure. Maybe if they had classes? Or something similar? Like it being classed as an Undead Kith* or a Fantasy Kith or straight Dragon Kith, Underwater Kith, etc *maybe not that wording depending on Mawnite lore... like are they undead? Not a clue... Actually... Any lore at all would help if that's not already planned to be a thing. A little story or information blurb showing maybe pictures that aren't straight spoiling the forms we can get, but a visual of the tiny skelly or other NPCs Mawnites/kith (i hear the TSS actually has one) or something to point towards what you're getting into with a particular Kith. That might be asking way to much though if it's not already planned. (sorry this is long, I'm a rambler, whoops)

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from Elleshie » February 13, 2019 05:18 AM

Thank you for the gifts! <3

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