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Cooking Level 2

Joined: December 07, 2016 Active Kith: Oscar
Birthday: Private Kith Alliances: 1
I am: N/A Forum Posts: 146
Call me: N/A Website: N/A
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Wishes Granted: 14 Wishlist: View
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 03/20
    Re: Forum Feedback

    Or maybe the first time when a kith becomes accomplished, you have an option to reset the personality points back to zero in everything... With all those items already used it would be much harder for a second "surprise" accomplished personality.

  • 02/21
    Re: Uniforms

    Keep an eye out for them in Lycus' lab, too. Sometimes I see uniform pieces there.

  • 02/20
    Re: Welcome Quest!

    Iris you look lovely in pink.

  • 12/01
    Re: Site Contest Closed

    My only suggestion is to inform people further ahead of the contest which categories it will be, and any theme. There has been a consistent benefit to entering a contest early, and I wonder how many people just save an entry for "next time" because it is "too late" in the contest to enter... And then next month it is a different set of categories, and then they forget or don't bother.

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    from CloudedOtter » February 21, 2018 12:19 PM

    [Cr.] You are most welcome. :)

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