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The Victor

Joined: June 30, 2016 Active Kith: Copper
Birthday: October 08 Kith Alliances: 58
I am: a knight Forum Posts: 8982
Call me: Dread Website: Toyhouse
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Wishes Granted: 1198 Wishlist: View
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  • 10/20

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  • 10/20
    Re: Happy Hope Anniversary

    Gold time!! Happy Anniversary everyone!!

  • 10/19
    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Pa...

    With the card swiped and numbers entered, the light turned green, but the door remained locked with the absence of the winged key. Still, partway there, and Yukira placed one hand on the door and leaned forward, trying to listen for anything but heard only silence. “I’m coming Uzi…” she whispered softly to herself, before turning from the door. Now, she could walk back down the hallway- the triangular figure seemed to be checking out another of the rooms, but Oyaban seemed to still be hanging near the library and well, it was ever so much faster… She stepped back through the portal into the room. “They worked! Now to just find the last one again!!” she announced happily, glancing between the two- but something seemed off. As she entered, the tall woman dashed past where Yukira had entered to the chair, digging in her nails and desperately prying at the edges of her mask. Yukira tried to hide a wince she couldn’t help escape as she saw the woman’s desperation- should she leave? Give her the privacy the other had mentioned? But the way she had run and was trying to pull, she seemed distressed. “C-can I help?” Yukira stammered, unsure what else to say.

  • 10/19
    Re: Rue's Draw Pit


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    TW!Dread now has a toyhouse with art and such HERE

    Royal Distraction by Shazzbaa!

    Beans by Haiz!

    Mira commissioned Diana and I from Ruevian and its amazing?? AHHHH

    Morty murdered me with some pixel gay

    I'm on a quest to win the heart
    of the princess from this part
    of Enchanted Forest, the world still new
    to much of us, that part is true

    But Cela's quest to marry now
    with storm a brewing, she won't allow
    the forest to be destroyed
    and therefore, in quest to avoid

    destruction of her home and place
    she has put on a brave face
    Her duty, honor to uphold
    harkens back to times of old

    but if she wishes, if this be her fate
    to choose a suitor before to late
    then I will gladly stay by her side
    and become the princess' bride.

    At some point I will update this and make it pretty...

    Hi! Call me Dread! She/her or they/them, either way's good. Feel free to friend me or send a message to chat! I'm currently a PhD student focusing on geology and paleontology. I'm here all the time, so you will probably see me around, probably layered with way too much apparel.


    from toanovu » October 16, 2019 12:47 AM

    it is always crit rolls time

    from Voldemortimer » October 09, 2019 11:01 AM

    omg dread u look beautiful, tiny cela is the star of the gala now

    from Ruevian » October 08, 2019 01:13 AM


    from Leslie » September 19, 2019 01:06 AM

    Ooh FUN! Well, I love her character design, then XD Have a great time!

    from Leslie » September 19, 2019 12:01 AM

    Ooooh this is a really cool avatar!
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