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Child of the Void by ShadetoShade won the Avatar Spotlight! She stood at the edge of the galaxy and waited for them to call her name.
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Taking Wing

Joined: June 21, 2017 Active Kith: Cirrus
Birthday: Private Kith Alliances: 7
I am: Resident Fluff Forum Posts: 224
Call me: She/Her Website: My twitter
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  • 11/11
    Re: You Are Not Alone

    omggggg so good so cute small rue being Wholesome

  • 11/11

    Cold Raspberry's ally, Markus, thinks about the ways his ally is certainly very strange. ----- Markus considered himself a fairly pragmatic kith. He *was* the leader after all, and Althea knows that nothing would ever get done if he weren’t there to check and double check everything. That’s why when his ally Raspberry became sick, it was his responsibility to go get soup and medicine while the others fussed over her in bed. A small cold, nothing too extreme, nothing a few over the counter painkillers, rest, and proper hydration couldn’t fix. She would have normally protested the overbearing concern if not for the fact that it was pretty much freezing outdoors. It was a particularly winter-y day in the remnant of Hope, and people everywhere were playing in the snow and bundled up in layers of clothes. The sky was clear and an even blanket of snow covered the school campus. As a kith, the cold didn’t really bother Markus even if he was a bit chilly, so he walked through the snow and ice without signs of discomfort. Markus knew the pathway to the general store by heart, and so decided to let his mind wander. His thoughts settled on that ally of his: Raspberry. Certainly a strange girl. She was sweet and meant well, almost too much. Taking her time to help every single person she came across, staying up all night just to make a cake from scratch, wearing herself thin running through the Tatters searching for silks to make a dress for a friend. Back when he was small, Markus never cared much for helping others without personal gain. Though a typically curious kith, he would be hesitant to accept a request for help, but here he was, trudging through the cold and snow to make *chicken noodle soup* for a friend. Raspberry seemed to bring out the kindness in him. She seemed to do that a lot; helping people even when she didn’t mean to. Almost like a warning, a strong gust of wind blew through the town, and Markus shuddered at the sudden change in wind chill. “Markus!! Wait!!!” he turned his head, looking toward the call. “Oh my goodness you walk so fast.” said a labored voice, flushed and fevered, feathery bangs stuck to her forehead with sweat. Markus stepped back in shock and concern. “Raspberry? What are you doing out here? It’s not good to go outside when ill.” he scolded. The redhead gave a carefree smile, “you forgot your scarf.” she held up a soft, green knitted scarf in her hands. She quickly wrapped up Markus’ neck in the scarf, which looked quite silly as the lone piece of clothing on his scaled body. Markus huffed and loosened the knot holding the scarf in place with a claw. There she was again. Standing in the snow in her pajamas and snow boots, running through the freezing cold and risking frostbite to make sure her ally didn’t go without a *scarf*. She was a strange human indeed, but amazing. Off in the distance, a group of distressed kith began to argue over the best method of luring back a stray ally. “Raspberry.” “Mhm?” “Go back inside.”

  • 11/11
    Re: Siri the Stage Ferrec

    Omg sweet fluff (Please awoo)

  • 11/10
    Re: Gloria's Art Void

    Anve just chillin in the Enchanted Dungeon rn with no tailoring materials but its Fine. Probably New Ocs!! The Blacksmith, an old thespian who dedicated his life to crafting armor and weapons for the narrator, harboring a secret passion for metal sculpture. Elven Duke Gildedbranch! Wine boy and desperate supporter of The Dragon. Doing his best to keep his job.

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    Hello it me

    Hi I'm Gloria! I draw things like cute girls and gijinkas of my kith.

    You'll mostly be seeing my avi as either Raspberry or the Thespian, Fairy

    let me reboot my two dads pls

    My Toybox


    from Haiz » September 19, 2019 04:55 PM

    oh!! you're the fairy!!!!

    from Sogri » September 08, 2019 02:01 AM

    gloria every thing you make is so good and cute im qwq!!!!

    from Diana » August 10, 2019 03:01 PM

    Oh my gosh, the box around the Kith images on the desktop version of the Forums makes it look like your lil smore is being carried around in a tupperware or something ;u; so cute!!!

    from Inspire » October 03, 2018 12:52 PM

    I absolutely love your username, it's super cool!!!

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