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Behold! by Haiz won the Art Spotlight! Have you seen my blepper? He is round and beautiful, his name is Round because round things are wonderful.
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Father Figure

Joined: October 20, 2016 Active Kith: we are no one
Birthday: January 18 Kith Alliances: 14
I am: a friend Forum Posts: 10006
Call me: he/him Website: My Art Blog!
Cheers: 908 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 2093 Wishlist: View
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 02/29
    Re: Fusion RP Organisation [close...

    I've been meaning to pre-write interesting locations within Owain's fragment of the world, to make it easier for people to decide "oh there's a thing here we could interact with" Part of the introducing NFCs thing got me thinking about that, and I think it might help a lot to have a list of like, things or NFCs to interact with, or areas of interest, enough for people to get ideas for stuff they could do? It could definitely help to have at least a little thoughts on stuff to do in fragments, especially those that haven't had much interaction, so people can more easily jump into stuff or bounce ideas against the person who has the world. (New fragments could also help with that, if there's places in fusion's worlds that aren't already in the smear and people think they'd be interesting additions to play with)

  • 02/29
    Re: Fusion RP Organisation [close...

    Now that I think about it - I think extra characters could also work well from a like.... actual RPing perspective too? Idk words uhhhhh like - If we need more characters to fill groups/want to split groups but dont have enough people to properly split, other characters can be brought in and RPed by people who want to RP multiple characters - Likewise it could work well for people who are quite active posters if the rest of their thread is slower - 2 characters might help things feel more active without making the other people have to post quicker????

  • 02/28
    Re: Fusion RP Organisation [close...

    I personally would have no issues either way with new OCs joining, provided they're OCs we know from shared universes and yelling, versus complete strangers. (Ofc am happy to stick to related-to-main-fusions if other people would prefer that) This does also make me wonder about new characters bringing parts of their worlds into the smear also, too - it could be a fun way to open up more options of places for people to go, fill in some gaps in the map or extend it, or somewhere reachable via teleporting/glitching/magic travel/?????/theres a train somewhere right? Words hard Things to thonk about I guess

  • 02/28
    Re: [B] Single Thespian Ear (Blac...

    JUST ONE LEFT!!!!!

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    Check out stopboorider's profile and maybe you'll find a thing...


    Hi! I'm just a friendly neighbourhood person! Call me Mochi, or Mark!



    I use he pronouns!!
    My timezone is +5 CHT. :D

    Other random info:
    - Welsh!
    - Very bad at hating things
    - Likes making spreadsheets
    - Soft and warm like mashpotatos


    I'm gay. Art by fancymermen

    Super cute picture from their Mothjesty the Moth King! :D


    from OhNovi » January 28, 2020 09:48 AM

    Eyes at Demonchi

    from Leslie » January 22, 2020 02:45 AM

    wonderful swordboi

    from Leslie » January 22, 2020 01:52 AM


    from IvoryHearts » January 22, 2020 12:42 AM

    Thank you!!! I hope you had a lovely birthday yourself! ^v^

    from Dread » January 18, 2020 12:43 AM

    Don't worry sir, I saved some snowballs for you pelts some your way >:3
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