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Splatter Hoodies by stopboorider won the Prism Party Clothing Design Spotlight! With all these colours being thrown, may I offer you an arsenal and some skin protection?
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Friend with Benefits

Joined: November 20, 2017 Active Kith: Zunesei
Birthday: November 11 Kith Alliances: 5
I am: a tree Forum Posts: 252
Call me: VEE Website: VEE OCs
Cheers: 34 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 48 Wishlist: View
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 05/07
    Re: New Premium Items: Sheer Flow...

    really super gorgeous! just also wish there was a suit thrown in there. i would never wear dresses >.<

  • 05/05
    Re: New Quests & Updates!

    kinda sad about the gem dailies, i feel like celariels could have stayed. but i really understand not wanting to keep making more gem dailies as more remnants are unlocked. but to unlock your first remnant, it doesnt take too long to do and i think its pretty accessible to everyone. that is just my opinion. i also feel that celariels could have been left on at least until new gem things happen. just sucks to lose the extra gems for an unknown amount of time >.< i dont even get my dailies every day haha but when i did i always went for the shard and gem ones first XD as someone who cant always afford to donate to the site, it was really nice to slowly build up gems that way. and two a day is just a lot nicer than one. everything else is awesome tho i know you guys are working hard!

  • 04/28
    Re: Forum Feedback: Custom Recolors

    i do not make items but i feel a recolor should not be as much as a regular item submission. but thats just my opinon. if it were lowered a bit from 500 that would be cool

  • 04/25
    Re: Marisol & Beebot Quests Avail...


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    VEE. They/Them. 26. Vegan ~

    Likes: kissing, trees, animals, games, books, dragons,
    honesty, art, pixels, colors, kesha, friends, family, you

    Dislikes: liars, cold, oppression, hurtful people

    Loliqua, Kenome, Kijo, & Debauchery are mah gud frands (:

    I am an artist on youtube! woooo


    from ela maia » April 26, 2019 02:33 PM

    Why thank u! They’re Prism Lovely Jeans from the valentines days party this year :) very about your aesthetic btw

    from Voldemortimer » February 06, 2019 08:34 PM

    ooooohh no problem! im very excited for you :D!!

    from Diana » January 27, 2019 09:49 PM


    from LilNeps » January 22, 2019 04:22 PM

    You did a good job! :D I love the bg mix especially!!

    from LilNeps » January 22, 2019 02:04 PM

    NO PROBLEM I'm glad they were helpful!! :D Also cool avi!! :3c
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