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Sunken Dollie by Gryphling won the Avatar Spotlight! Sure she's soggy, she's got algae in her hair, and there are fish nibbling on her stuffing, but all this doll really needs is a little love!
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Joined: July 31, 2017 Active Kith: Samhain
Birthday: May 26 Kith Alliances: 29
I am: a dragon Forum Posts: 998
Call me: she/her Website: My FR account!
Cheers: 174 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 287 Wishlist: View
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 11/11
    Re: Raynedrops (some drawings ont...

    lol, she definitely steals the show. She should just be the whole comic, tbh.

  • 11/11
    Re: Raynedrops (some drawings ont...

    Let's try this again...? I did a comic about what the Rain did after she ran from the Gala. Something about a dragon? I dunno. This is only part one, it should only be two parts but I can be long-winded. The BG is from the Forest Underground because I thought this would just be a short, silly thing.

  • 11/11
    Re: Site Contest: November 2019

    [@kessaria] I will remind you they are trying to get to the Heart of the Forest now, where Celariel's father is... But hopefully it means we are safe for now. Just got to work harder and find our friends!

  • 11/11
    Re: Gloria's Art Void

    AS WINEY BOY'S CO-PARENT I DECREE THAT IF CELA TRIES TO EXECUTE HIM....I'll leave her whole party a one star review on Yelp. It will hurt me, but not NEARLY as much as it will hurt her reputation.

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    I'm Rayne, I get overly attached to fictional characters and suffer in limbo with about a dozen writing projects.

    Palentine's art by Ruevian! (Not shown: me being the best sidekick ever and giving him my perfect marshmallow because I'm awesome and nice like that.)

    Adorable avatar doodle by Jinxitor!

    More Palentine's art! Aspiring writers ought to stick together. Again by Rue!


    from seewhyinoz » November 06, 2019 11:02 PM

    Thanks so much for the gifts! Much appreciated :)

    from Kirion » November 02, 2019 12:15 PM

    Thank you very much, I had fun playing with the layering. ^^
    I like your avi too, the creepy hand slithering out of the staff really adds to yer spooky vibe.

    from Hyperion » October 24, 2019 08:01 PM

    Thank you so much! It's been fun coming up with outfits that fit both. I love your avatar, too! It matches the tense vibe at the Gala right now well.

    from Elleshie » October 21, 2019 03:16 PM

    Makes sense to me. I can't argue with such solid logic.

    from Elleshie » October 21, 2019 03:07 PM

    Thank you so much! <3

    Your outfit looks... uh... cold? A+ use of the haunting hand, though. :D
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