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The good news is that you've always been right about that creepy doll. The bad news? You've always been right about that creepy doll.
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Devoted to Lenta

Joined: June 22, 2016 Active Kith: Willow
Birthday: December 15 Kith Alliances: 15
I am: a cartoonist! Forum Posts: 2826
Call me: she/her Website: Shazzbaa.com
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Wishes Granted: 3133 Wishlist: View
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  • 11/14
    Re: ART THREAD: ROTD and Illumina...

    so I............. ended up completing the sketch,,

  • 11/12
    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Pa...

    “You were beautiful tonight Turing…” "Oh! Thank you, dear!" Turing grinned, bright and genuine but missing the depth of the compliment, as if it had been nothing more than admiration of a lovely dress. Yukira's aside of having a particular outfit denied to her in the past was curious, but he was quickly distracted as the human turned to listing sensations that she found more enjoyable than punching a mirror. "...cool rain pelting softly against your skin, the comforting warmth of a hearth, shielding from the cold outside…or the soft touch of someone who cares for you…" "Yes, darling!" he added eagerly. "The touch sensors on my hand register pressure, but there's not enough data to meaningfully distinguish texture, so that's all new to me! I'm so curious how this was handled, especially seeing how much data the mask was able to alter. It might be interesting to compare my experiences with a human's later!" ...Would he be able to keep and study the mask after all this? Maybe they should do some experimenting while they were here! Well, removing and replacing the mask was inconvenient, so exploring first. "In any case!" He shifted his grip on the portal device, trying to juggle everything he wanted to carry. This outfit didn't have any pockets either! A carrying case of some kind would've been nice. He managed to wrap one arm around the device and clutch the plain, white mask in his damaged hand, leaving his other arm free to unplug the light and grab the generator. "I just need to set this generator" -- he patted it gently, in case she was unfamiliar with the term -- "down next to the portal, darling; then I should be able to shift the teleportation portals to move through these rooms without getting too far from a power source!" With no objection from Yukira, he hefted the generator, small motors in his arm revving as fans kicked on, and stepped quickly up to the portal. From here, he could see the hallway was a close enough match that he would've identified it as the same space over the course of years -- darker and faded and a little damaged, but no major differences in contents or architecture. And as he stepped closer, he could see the Guiding Light and the other human nearby; like Yukira had been, they were unchanged, their actual appearances still cloaked by the masks they wore. "Hello, darlings!" Turing called -- not quite like Ada's voice; a noticeably mechanical masculine voice being pitched to sound effeminate -- as he peered through and set down the generator just on the other side of the portal, to the relief of all his systems. "A heads up, I've removed my mask for now so that I can continue charging, but it seems that the area might be something of a simulation? Removing the mask has radically changed my perception of the room!" He looked past the others to take note of the larger door in particular, curious how closely the lock would match previous data.

  • 11/10
    Re: Rue's Draw Pit

    omg........ bRODY IS INCREDIBLE

  • 11/08
    Re: ART THREAD: ROTD and Illumina...

    I know this happened a billion years ago and lots of more important things have happened since but remember when Fray exposed dollmaker's naked face to the entire gala, i bet dollmaker will for a while

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    [If I don't have pink hair, I'm probably cosplaying one of my characters.]

    Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Definitely-Not-Evil Landlord!
    • Please do not set the dorm on fire, unleash ancient evils in the common room, or rip holes in the fabric of reality anywhere on the dormitory property.

    • Please remember that your landlord's repairs budget is already strained by the generous pet policy made to accommodate the kith, and keep housing affordable for everyone by not unleashing apocalypses on the premises.

    • Seriously, I shouldn't have to remind you guys of this so much. It's pretty straight-forward.

    • For legal reasons, please keep all magic designed to detect or destroy "evil" to a minimum within the dormitory. Thank you.

    [TW!Shazz on Toyhouse]


    My TW Art Thread!
    My Custom Clothing Thread!
    My Custom Kith Thread!


    WAIT. Are you a staff artist?
    Yes, I am! I draw official art for Tattered World, though this doesn't give me any moderator powers or gameplay perks, and I don't get any secret knowledge about the plot or NPCs unless I need it in order to draw things!

    Officially released stuff I've drawn so far:
    -Fray's NPC portraits
    - Muscled Leggings
    - All the Halloweave Hands items (Boo sketched most of these, I finished them!)
    - Half Wall (Boo sketched this)
    - Mara, Thelovskye, and Dynrial's portraits


    from stopboorider » October 23, 2019 02:38 PM

    Thank you, thought it was finally time to get into a costume.

    from Voldemortimer » October 15, 2019 09:03 PM

    omg omg shazz u look incredible, i was really excited to see if you would be maxwell!!

    from Moth King of Moths » October 15, 2019 06:04 PM

    /)///////(\ eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    from Boss » September 30, 2019 01:32 PM

    just dropping in to say that you have amazing fashion sense!

    from GhostKitten » July 31, 2019 11:42 PM

    you're welcome! Thanks again for coming and hanging out on muh stream
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