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A creature on the verge of embracing the entirety of the Universe.
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Devoted to Lenta

Joined: June 22, 2016 Active Kith: Gula
Birthday: December 15 Kith Alliances: 14
I am: a cartoonist! Forum Posts: 2682
Call me: she/her Website: Shazzbaa.com
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Wishes Granted: 2952 Wishlist: View
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  • 08/03
    Re: What's your most used item? W...

    1. What is your most used item? Probably the Rocker Shades; most frequently the Wildfire Rocker Shades but I like that they come in many colours so I can coordinate. xD Like Rue, I've ended up with kind of a TW version of myself that has a sort of consistent face -- I always wear some kind of short pink hair (right now I'm wearing the Sweetheart Disheveled Bangs but I've also used the Pink Sleek Side Part Hairstyle, Pink Quiff Hairstyle and Pink Wavy Undercut Hair), my Artisanal Cute Nose and Bucktooth Smile, as well as Observant Dryad Eyes that you can only see through my shades if you squint reeeeal hard. xD The Edgy Belted Jacket is probably my most-used actual clothing item..... I love the look of the belted jackets a LOT. 2. Which item do you love, but never use? oh man thats tough... I guess hair? I love seafoam hair, or like, I like Rue's Umber Messy Bun hairstyle a LOT, but I'm kinda committed to my short pink hair look. I do cosplay OCs sometimes so then I have a lil more variety. OH ALSO the Licorice Trickster Grabby Hands.... i love them SO MUCH but I never actually build an avatar around them.... Similarly, literally every item that comes up when you do a search for "Consort" in the dressing room (like the Starlit Consort's Robe Top). I love the consort stuff, it's SO pretty, but it's also a big avatar commitment (especially those sleeves!) and kinda becomes your whole outfit when you wear it. 3. Which items do you always layer together? I don't do a lot of fancy layering but my favourite layering trick that I learned from Kenome is putting the Subtle Lips Smile behind any of the soft lipstick smiles. It makes the BEST lipstick mouth!! I also use fogs like Autumn Enchanted Fog to soften backgrounds a lot and make them look less busy. (NEWBIE TIP: you only have to own one copy of an item to layer it multiple times! If you wanna layer 10 copies of a single fog item to make your avatar disappear into the void, the power is yours.) 4. Which collection of items is your favourite? Magpie's Striped Waistcoats, hands down. In terms of official items probably the belted tank top and belted jacket. 5. What item (or items) would you recommend for someone new? If you want to wear pants I have to shamelessly recommend my own Black Business Pants and/or the pinstripe or recolours. They're nice simple dress pants that were designed to de-emphasis the booty on the avatar and look a little more snappy for masc-leaning looks. Seconding Morty and Dread that custom items are a great go-to if you're new, since you can get fancy looks with no tailoring! Hanging out in Backstage Broker can show you a good selection of fun stuff, or if you like being more thorough, Himochi keeps a list of all custom shops that you can go through and see what strikes your fancy!! 6. Which item always matches your aesthetic? My aesthetic is basically Antagonistic CEO From A Children's Movie Who May Or May Not Be A Demon so any kind of horns (Scalyx Horns, Magpie's Fiend Horns, every colour of Elegant Antlers) any kind of pointy tail ( Infernal Black Tail and Black Fiend Tail are my personal favs) and general businesswear or business casual and cool jackets and coats (like the Elite Villainous Jacket I'm wearing now) are always great. IM SURE THERES OTHER STUFF IM LEAVING OUT............. but for now heres what I could think of off the top of my head!!

  • 08/03
    Re: TW Colourschemes: An Unoffici...

    >> Return to Table of Contents >> [one more reserved post] OKAY THATS ENOUGH RESERVED POSTS FOR NOW, feel free to post comments or resources or anything else!

  • 08/03
    Re: TW Colourschemes: An Unoffici...

    >> Return to Table of Contents >> COSMIC SOLARIUM ORIGINATING COLOURSCHEMES: Nebula, Nova, Wormhole, Circuit, Wired, Void, Red Dwarf, Spunky, Safety, Chrome, A Note: The Upper Crust colour schemes have gradients and colourful shading that isn't easy to handle with just swatches, so it's gonna kinda depend on what sort of file/layer set up you want to use to emulate it. So, rather than give a Solid Set Of Swatches For Each Colour & Accent for these, I'm just gonna kinda grab the colours that seem important -- some of them are in nice sets of 2 shadows and a hilight, and some are not! I WISH YOU THE BEST IN CONQUERING THESE COLOUR SCHEMES Voidlight, Hydrolight, Harvestlight, Verdantlight, Softlight, Nebulalight, Dawnlight, Moonlight, Solarlight

  • 08/03
    Re: TW Colourschemes: An Unoffici...

    >> Return to Table of Contents >> SHADOW STAGE ORIGINATING COLOURSCHEMES: (note: a few of these technically originate in Hope, through like......... a single pair of headphones or something, but they're mostly used on the Stage so I'm keeping them here!) Fog, Froggy, Cauldron, Graveglow, Moonlight, Rose Bush, Twilight, Specter, Urban, Cotton Candy, Bleeding Mint, and Starlit! (Stage Citrine, Stage Flame, Stage Berry, and Stage Edgy Variants can be found in the Hope-Originating Colours; Luminous can be found in the Reef-Originating Colours!)

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    [If I don't have pink hair, I'm probably cosplaying one of my characters.]

    Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Definitely-Not-Evil Landlord!
    • Please do not set the dorm on fire, unleash ancient evils in the common room, or rip holes in the fabric of reality anywhere on the dormitory property.

    • Please remember that your landlord's repairs budget is already strained by the generous pet policy made to accommodate the kith, and keep housing affordable for everyone by not unleashing apocalypses on the premises.

    • Seriously, I shouldn't have to remind you guys of this so much. It's pretty straight-forward.

    • For legal reasons, please keep all magic designed to detect or destroy "evil" to a minimum within the dormitory. Thank you.

    [TW!Shazz on Toyhouse]


    My TW Art Thread!
    My Custom Clothing Thread!
    My Custom Kith Thread!


    (Hey, have you read the webcomic Runewriters? It's at Runewriters.com and I hear it's pretty good.)


    from GhostKitten » July 31, 2019 11:42 PM

    you're welcome! Thanks again for coming and hanging out on muh stream

    from Archivist » July 31, 2019 08:06 PM

    Are you a site artist?

    from Scullpanda » July 31, 2019 07:55 PM

    OMG I can't believe after all this time I found you on a different site we used to talk a lot on the Tapastic forums even met at a con once How are you ( I saw your name and was like that can't be her then I saw your comic small world ) You probably don't remember me I used to make What...what?, Forsaken, and Life of Batsy Monroe

    from ValiantValkyrie » July 29, 2019 05:20 PM

    ahhh thank you ;w; yours reminds me of crowley from good omens

    from Moth King of Moths » July 04, 2019 08:21 AM

    Fancy toaster!
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