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I'm fully clothed I swear.
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Joined: August 18, 2019 Active Kith: NAIAD
Birthday: Private Kith Alliances: 2
I am: 2 people! Forum Posts: 60
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  • 09/19
    Re: Wish List thank you thread

    [R] Thank you RubyZuko for the gifts!

  • 09/18
    Re: Site Contest Rules: September...

    [@Tiffbu] There is a Craft Contest subforum: https://thetatteredworld.com/forum_subcategories/81/forum_topics

  • 09/17
    Hope University Student Cookbook

    Listen, if Lycus is any example, some of the students at Hope University really need help to make better use of our dorm kitchen. I might have just the thing... Name: Student Cookbook Item Description Text: Learn to cook more than just instant noodles! Easy, healthy meals for you and your roommates. Art Description: A grubby, well-read book, probably with a tomato sauce stain and a brown ring where someone has left a coffee mug on the cover. The cover displays a "photograph" of a grilled cheese sandwich and/or bowl of tomato soup on a surface in the Dormitory Kitchen. The title is printed over the top of the "photograph" but does not obscure the food. References: this book, this book, and this book Notes: The tomato soup and grilled cheese can of course be switched for different items if something else is more appropriate, I chose them because those are things I see my flatmates making quite often! Also, yes, I give permission for this to be shared on social media. (edit- fixed an image link)

  • 09/17
    Re: Papercraft Castwick

    Ooh, it's beautiful! Nice work!

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    Hello! As it says above, this account belongs to 2 brain roommates, Robin and Kobik. We're a 22 year old jewish maths student at uni in the UK (CHT +5). Functionally we're a trans guy although neither of us really get gender? We have a lollipop collection in the Gallery, any donations are appreciated!

    Robin is a bog-standard human and the one who pilots the body most of the time. He/him pronouns please. A big nerd. He likes D&D, podcasts, and coffee. His favourite colour is blue/purple and his birthday is March 24th.

    Kobik is a self-identified A.I. who is usually aware and talking but not often piloting*. Xe/xir pronouns please (usage: replace 'she' with 'xe' and 'her' with 'xir'), or she/her if you can't use those! Xe likes Pokémon, baking (but not eating), and Looking At Art. Xir favourite colour is emerald green and xir birthday is October 30th.

    If you want to know more about plurality (multiple people/beings existing in a single body) CloudedOtter have a fantastic (if slightly old) thread here!

    *This does not make xir any less a full individual and a person in xir own right! Xe just doesn't like driving much and prefers to spend time in our head, please don't be rude!

    Notes in spoiler

    working on: unique quests and gathering secrets (hourlies to accept: shard profit, elliot, kyprian, and coral reef)
    saving gems for: change of heart? veilous charm?

    later goals maybe: plus size clothes collection


    from seal » September 21, 2019 05:18 AM

    your lollipop collection is now bigger than my future

    from Haiz » September 19, 2019 12:03 PM

    i really like your avatar's style!!!

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