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Wandering Mask

Taking Wing

Joined: June 15, 2016 Active Kith: Chomp
Birthday: November 02 Kith Alliances: 10
I am: too tired Forum Posts: 1004
Call me: King Website: N/A
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Wishes Granted: 711 Wishlist: View
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 11/21
    Re: Stabs daggers into conspiracy...

    Aight last time I had a suspicion like this I said nothing, and then it turned out I would have been right and the narrator DID show up and because Celariel went unwarned things went worse. SO HERE GOESSSSS I think Narrates OR the Dragon are letting some of our shenanigans happen. I think Narrates is after something else and either he doesn't care what happens in the meantime bc the drama is interesting, or maybe it's playing into something he wants. Othidar's daily quest talks about being surprised the pirates' noise hasn't given us away yet. ...I'm thinking it's not that we've been lucky, it's that no one has acted on it yet. ALSO I'm willing to bet everybody has to re-ally with their forest kith through the usual activities. Kith are immune to the tatters, Maybe they resonate with the Heart of the Forest Magic, something something I'm tired.

  • 11/21
    Re: Reaching the Prisoners

    [@Dread] Titanite! You and all of Dread's allies are more than welcome to join our forces. I know you must be worried for Dread... I know I am, after losing the princess to the Dragon... But with the work of everyone here, we will get everyone back.

  • 11/21
    Re: Reaching the Prisoners

    [@Glys] Thank you, that's perfect. We need all the help we can get. [@Rayne] Yeaaaaaah we kinda just need to work around Moth as much as possible. (...That bug zapper by the door isn't there for nothing.)

  • 11/21
    Re: Reaching the Prisoners

    Thank you [@Othidar]. You know this castle well - are there any secrets that could help us? Goodness knows if any of this will hold up- "no strategy survives contact with the enemy", and all that. All we can do is cover as many options as possible. Everyone but Scouts, remain in the base for now. Until we have a good grip of the layout and where the prisoners ARE, we can't afford to have anyone nonessential running in the tunnels. It would be strange if the Dragon and her "Advisor" didn't expect us to attempt a prison break. We have to assume they know we're coming. That's why gathering information at this stage is the most crucial. Defenders, It's entirely possible we'll be ambushed on our way in or out. Some of you will need to keep our escape routes clear. Isolate at least three paths least trafficked by guards, then form up into small squads. You might need to force an opening when we need to leave with the prisoners. [@The Wolf], please - you know a great deal about hunts and commanding groups. Can you help us in any way? [@ela maia] Good thinking - establishing contact with those captured is extremely important. And I have been losing my freaking mind oh geez he just wanted what's best for the Solarium, this isn't his fault, is hE OKAY *...cough* Let's at least test the connection before sending anyone out again. [@Kyprian]...? Hello? Can you hear me?

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    (Since folks were asking, my mask is a private custom item I designed!)

    Above: a beautiful picture of myself and my ferrec ally Sept by the talented keii4ii.


    from Elfy » October 27, 2019 03:51 AM


    from Haiz » October 01, 2019 08:40 AM


    from Haiz » June 18, 2019 11:58 AM

    i love all your looks

    from Himochi » June 16, 2019 12:44 PM

    Your avi is so cute rn!!!!

    from Sogri » April 30, 2019 02:07 AM

    !!!!! you look so cute!!! so good!!! so soft!!! lov your look!!!!
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