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The good news is that you've always been right about that creepy doll. The bad news? You've always been right about that creepy doll.
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Joined: October 20, 2016 Active Kith: Calla
Birthday: N/A Kith Alliances: 8
I am: N/A Forum Posts: 622
Call me: N/A Website: Art tumblr
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  • 10/14
    Re: keiiii's Art Dump

    @everyone ahhhh thank you! ✨ [@Hyperion] I'm really glad that's how it reads to you! It really is about the changes of the hearts of the characters than dealing with external threats. I always worry that maybe it's not coming across clearly enough, or not being portrayed compellingly enough. [@Sefria] omg you diiiid! (go through the whole archive, I mean! *O*) The name reveal's going to take a while... but there's an important hint for that kid (he/him BTW) coming very soon! [@Quinineer] I would say about 3 days of work per pic, after the initial sketching phase (which can actually take forever)? ...Not very helpful/precise since I don't know how many hours per day... :'D

  • 10/13
    Re: keiiii's Art Dump

    [@Flowerly] Thanks! I hope you enjoy the story when you get the chance to check it out~ [@Hyperion] ;0; Oh man, I know the story is like... unexpectedly niche (not nearly as ~exciting~ as it may appear to be at first, haha), so it's always a super pleasant surprise when someone tells me they like the story! [@Dread] Thank you! The layers for that one drove my computer nuts, haha :'D

  • 10/13
    keiiii's Art Dump

    This is my little corner of arty stuff! Feel free to look around. :) Some recent illustrations: Danbi from my comic Heart of Keol. Lushaka from the same comic o' mine! Lushaka again! I really wanna do a fullbody for the next illustration, but my brain might not cooperate. We'll see what happens...

  • 09/27
    Re: Word association game


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    I'm keiiii with four i's! I make art, and I also have a webcomic at heartofkeol.com :D


    from Aotani » September 24, 2017 12:12 PM

    hi your comic is amazing I l o v e it

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