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Miranda's Going on Adventure by Gwennafran won the Art Spotlight!
Good luck to Miranda with her new adventure. :)
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Eye Candy Hire

Joined: August 01, 2016 Active Kith: Smoker
Birthday: January 18 Kith Alliances: 14
I am: shoeless Forum Posts: 5626
Call me: shoeless rider Website: Arts!
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  • 09/20
    Re: Fusion RP: Surprise Rat Party...

    After a moment, the initial shock wore off as he started to pay attention to everyone around him again. Ada requested diplomacy, a sword was sheathed. Nobody seemed ready to shoot, but neither group seemed completely ready to work together yet either. And nobody but himself and perhaps Lost Girl knew of what the cage looked like before hand... Wait, if he is small now, and the side of the cage looked like that earlier then-- It wasn't a full circle of logic but it was enough to cause worry. Whatever blasted through, probably the "true beetle" they were going after, was possibly large and dangerous now. Yesterday turned to Oyaban, opening his mouth and... realized that the shirtless, handsome demon man's eyes were locked on the group across the room. ... of course, nobody could hear him. Why would they be able to? He could understand the bit of chatter through the glass if he listened closely and thought about it, but he was far smaller and put out a fraction of the sound that everyone else was making. Communication wasn't going to be easy this way, and from the earlier inspections, he didn't think jumping around and waving his arms was going to be much help either. Yesterday turned where he stood, looking around the container, and then slowly walking to the back the container, approaching closer to Oyaban's body. There was a moment of distraction, before he finally turned away and looked down the length of the cage, where the man's hands were gripping, where they were not, and where he could actually place his feet. He couldn't blast a hole in the wall, and he really didn't think that he could hit the glass hard enough to break it, but possibly, he could cause someone else to break it with the element of surprise. It hurt. Picking up the cane, he could already feel a twig of pain, so he angled his body and tried to find the best way to use the tool to steady himself but... accepted the fact that it was going to hurt a lot anyways. And then he started running full tilt at the corner between Oyaban's hands, the one empty space, only ready with the cane to catch himself if he fell, which happened near the end. Quickly he dug the stick down and used all his strength to fight through forming tears, launching himself as hard as he could against the wall, biting hard enough on his lip to draw blood before yelling a curse as he smacked hard against the glass. Hopefully that was enough of a bump to surprise the other into dropping the terrarium against the floor...

  • 09/16
    Re: New Items: September User Sub...

    lays down in Forest Fire hnnng good autumn time is Upon Us

  • 09/16
    Re: Papercraft Castwick


  • 09/10
    Re: Hoppy Birthday, Club!

    BUNTHDAY AT LAST!!! JUST MELTS INTO A PILE OF LOVE FOR CLUB Thanks for being the best owner Boo manager everrrrrr I love u 💜

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    from [@Voldemortimer] as a gift when I became a mod. I cried a lil when I saw it.

    You won't get shoes on me, no sir.

    if winterwear is what you seek simply read below because idfk how to use html to make this more mysterious:

    yo redeem code BOORTHDAY19 for this years goodies and BOORTHDAY18 for last years happy wintr time

    I spent a year trying to break the website and reporting every little thing to Diana and Club. They made me a god??

    Self Proclaimed Crazy Ferrec Man. Just stick your face into one, you know you'll be hooked for life.


    (fixed ur links for u boo love u boo)


    from Himochi » September 16, 2019 05:40 PM


    gimme a few to swap that up though ;3c havent had time to make my new avi yet

    from Himochi » September 16, 2019 05:37 PM

    dang look at this dapper cutie

    from Moth King of Moths » August 18, 2019 10:42 PM


    from Moth King of Moths » August 18, 2019 09:23 PM

    Boop we've been over this before; MOTHER IS NOT A GOOD NICKNAME FOR ME IT IS ALREADY A WORD

    from Leslie » August 18, 2019 05:01 PM

    Oooh that is some EXCELLENT monochrome in your avatar!!!!
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