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Joined: September 16, 2017 Active Kith: Kotetsu
Birthday: August 13 Kith Alliances: 20
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  • 07/19
    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Pa...

    Oyaban lets the lady and Hatman’s brushing aside their injuries slip past. He wants them tended to but with the keys in hand and his own shoulder and foot, he’s not in the best situation to fight and make them stay put till he can get a proper look at things. ”I’m sure Oyaban could also assist you up as well, he looks like he still has a good strong lifting arm on him.” Kazuya’s ears flush a bright red as he suddenly becomes very aware of how shirtless he is as the Hatman winks at him. He quickly finishes the makeshift wrapping on his shoulder and stands quickly - too quickly - to his feet. He wobbles for a moment before his tail manages to catch his balance for him. “Y-yah. Yah,” he replies hastily. “I’se. I’se can do that. No’se problem. At all.” And it wouldn’t be. None of this would. Everything was gonna be fine. They had the keys. The mirror bullshit was finally dealt with. Yah they were banged up, but they all got out the other side... it was all.... it was all gonna be okay. Kazuya leans down and offers his good hand and shoulder to the boy. “Up we’se go, yah?”

  • 07/12
    Re: June Event: Printing Protocol


  • 07/06
    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Pa...

    Kazuya’s ears pull back against his head as the man with the top hat explains getting hit by fire and then ending up in another room. It’s... odd. It feels like he’s avoiding saying something. It feels like when Kazuya can’t say things because of the booze. And the talk of memories... that... that does stike a cord... His ears perk up as the top hat man brings up a code. Oh thank goodness, they were making progress. ...hopefully. Could very fucking well be a code for something else, not the door. Who fucking knew how many layers the beetle bastard had for this place- And then finally, tension leaves Kazuya’s body as Melody collapses. Exhausted? Was it that the crazed state the boy had just been in was highly taxing? Good to know. Kazuya let our a long sigh of relief. And then immediately takes in another sharp breath as someone else enters the room. OH. Fuck it’s just Starshine. Fuck okay. Where the fuck had they been???? Before Kazuya can start pelting them with question, Lady is talking again. .......Kazuya’s ears pull back again. It’s a convincing attempt at a cover story, he’ll give her that. (Roll=4) ....he’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. For now. But he’s keeping an eye on her. A real fucking close eye. He- OH HIS EARS PERK WAY THE FUCK UP. They have a key card too? FUCK YAH THEY ARE MAKING GOOD FUCKING PROGRESS. “That looks like what we’se could be needin’,” Kazuya nods. “Good fuckin’ find, Lost Lady.” He quickly takes stock of the party. Starshine appears to be fine. Lady’s favoring her arm. Top Hat’s leg looks like shit. Melody took some nasty ass mirror shards to his back. Kazuya’s shoulder needs attention and his foot... eh. It fuckin hurts but he can walk on it. Kazuya carefully slips his jacket off, wincing as he gets it over the injured shoulder. ....oh. This. This is a lot.... even with moving slowly because of the injured shoulder, this is still a faster of a process than usual. Huh. He drapes the jacket across his lap as he starts fiddling with the buttons of the dress shirt. FFFFFF- he lets out a hiss. Nope. Not using the injured arm for precise work anytime soon. Whelp. He is used to doing things one handed, that’s fine. He glances at Top Hat as he works. “You’se leg okay?” He asks as he carefully slips the shirt sleeve over his injured shoulder. “That happen when you get hit? You’se need help?” Kazuya shrugs the rest of the way out of the shirt. Ugh it’s already pretty dirty. Fuck this isn’t gonna be much help. Still, it’s better than nothing. He bites the shirt, and then using his good arm, begins ripping it into strips. Oh. The bigger pointed teeth are fucking NICE for this, alright. Then, he takes the strips and starts wrapping his shoulder. Ffffffff this is a fucking hard angle to work fuck. Kazuya glances at the Lady. “And uses too,” he asks. “You took hits hard. How are you’se holdin’ up, you’se ain’t lookin’ too hot.”

  • 07/04
    Mislabeled Solarium Recipe

    Found a mislabeled recipe in the new batch of recipes. Edit: after looking at this one and other recipes further, it looks like this one is actually the cheese burger recipe. So it’s not that this one is mislabeled but that it has the wrong picture.

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    from Himochi » April 16, 2019 07:34 AM

    novu so cute

    from Adraxa » February 21, 2019 07:51 PM

    you look so cool and spacey aaaaaaa

    from Shazzbaa » February 15, 2019 11:49 PM


    from Leslie » February 09, 2019 11:34 PM

    WOAH novu, EPIC avatar!

    from GhostKitten » February 02, 2019 07:27 PM

    oh no I broke your perfect cheer count u_u why do I keep doing that
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