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Wandering Mask

Taking Wing

Joined: June 15, 2016 Active Kith: Chomp
Birthday: November 02 Kith Alliances: 10
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  • 09/02
    Re: Fusion RP: Surprise Rat Party...

    Well, wasn't this interesting. And funny how the host had seen themselves out before the group had made a proper entrance... At least no one was shooting each other. “Could be a little better, but still on our feet. You?” ...Yet. SPARK emitted sub-vocalization, audible only to those nearest - assuming they were paying attention. "Brightest Star. They attacked suddenly without warning after speaking normally much like this. No weapon was visible. Caution advised." Star hadn't seemed to notice them yet. SPARK continued to let the charge in their arm cannon build, keeping it tucked behind the doorway they stood in. They weren't about keeping grudges, fun though it might be to pretend otherwise at times. They were unlikely to make it through another impact like the one they'd taken. And even if they did, they might lose too much cohesion to keep carrying the bottle. So yeah. Talking was good. People tended not to shoot until the talking stopped. "Personally I've been better." SPARK pointedly did not look at Brightest Star for any longer than the rest of them. Their planes flickered - their form looked fragile at the best of times, and with the added damage... They were presenting a vulnerability. Not ideal. They idly drummed some loose planes on the wall like fingertips. They made almost no sound, but the additional cohesion poured into them caused visible marks to be left in the wood. "But still working well enough. "So, did I hear a certain laughing asshole slash party host in here a second ago?"

  • 08/27
    Re: Fusion RP: Rat-Infested Basem...

    They came back to the doorway when the conversation had drawn the others together, observing visual cues to better gauge the And now every single one of the others was looking at them. Well, they were going to notice eventually, though it would've been nice if they'd been distracted by the theatrics of the scenario a little while longer. "What do you expect to find?" "Nothing specifically." Technically true. They weren't obliged to be honest, one of the better outcomes of their 'adjustments', but it was often simpler. "But if there's something important to find here, I'd rather not miss it. I hardly expect our host to be forthcoming about everything at this point." If it were just one person, they might have made a proper argument. But the entire group was here and growing more suspicious with every passing moment. "But I'm not about to go against group rule. Everybody wants to move on? Tally-fucking-ho." They lifted their arm and lit the end with intentionally exaggerated attitude. Then they fell into position by the door, with the others - though shielded by a doorframe, and a bit towards the rear. Survive, then review the options. Getting back to the kid in one piece had to take priority.

  • 08/21
    Re: Fusion RP: Rat-Infested Basem...

    "Do you think Brightest Star is part of the 'party crashers' that odd... er, that 'Beetles', as you call him, warned us about?" They flipped through the books on the desk, saving the contents for further analysis, and elevated their volume to maintain an audible level for those in the hallway. "Doubt it. Giggles was talking down to both of us just the same. Wanted to know if we were working together, and implied it'd be 'cheating'." Their side sparked. "Not that they need have worried." "...Perhaps it would be best to make sure you are charged enough to survive a fight?" Indeed. All the keys meant dealing with whatever Beetles had mentioned at the beginning. Their beam weapon was still fully functional, but their projections weren't. A bit more damage and they'd probably lose cohesion. The planes on their torso fluttered, subtly assuming a less elegant, slightly more defensive position. But there were still places to check...and common tropes suggested they'd not be allowed to return here once they'd fought the dungeon boss. F*cking godd*mn that kid. Never made taking care of him easy, did he. They ran yet another scan on the bottle in their core cavity. Still triggering pattern recognition, but with only errors as their source. What if it was a mislead? Some d*mn joke by a laughing *sshole. They'd rather go over every millimetre of this place with a seven hour scan than trust the piece of sh*t that did that to the kid. But to return to the attempt at discussion. "Feisty bunch, aren't we. Nothing left to investigate then? Managed to check every room while I was gone?" They kept their voice clear of mocking undertone, with some reluctance. "I'd hate to miss something."

  • 08/14
    Re: Fusion RP: Rat-Infested Basem...

    "We found the door code..." Oh hey, it's the dropout Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. "I was just telling Guiding Light my battery is getting low enough, I'm going to need some help getting this mask off if the host's game goes on much longer." SPARK watched Morne for any reactions to that suggestion. They'd acted independently enough, but that didn't exclude them from holding similar views to the dancers back in the ballroom. "They found something as well, but I don't think it's a key?" ...And not even the most basic grasp of subtlety. Bless her early-gen heart. "I doubt it's a key; doesn't exactly match the motif around here. It's a bottle of something. But it was hidden, so maybe it's important. Either way, there'll be time to give it a longer look after we finish up in this place. ...And sure. Let's talk about that attack." They flitted through the door, slipping past Morne. "Y'know, I really don't feel like having this conversation more than once." They drifted to the center of the hallway and raised the volume, not quite to a human shout, but loud enough the other rooms should hear. "Guiding Light is still functional, thank you so much for asking. Got pulled out of bounds in the mirror room. Met Brightest Star there. They implied they weren't alone, and attacked without warning. Beetles then sent me to rejoin this party. This has been your obligatory update on current events." Then they turned to the next door beside the bathroom, and gave the room beyond a look. Hooray, the Scooby Squad had all the keys to the BIG door. Not that they gave two sh*ts. Maybe they had really found what they were looking for already, but... they couldn't afford to be wrong.

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    (Since folks were asking, my mask is a private custom item I designed!)

    Above: a beautiful picture of myself and my ferrec ally Sept by the talented keii4ii.


    from Haiz » June 18, 2019 11:58 AM

    i love all your looks

    from Himochi » June 16, 2019 12:44 PM

    Your avi is so cute rn!!!!

    from Sogri » April 30, 2019 02:07 AM

    !!!!! you look so cute!!! so good!!! so soft!!! lov your look!!!!

    from Haiz » April 29, 2019 07:07 AM

    oh you look soft and magnificent

    from Kari » April 26, 2019 12:05 PM

    What a fashion King! You've got a real good Look going!!
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