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Hangry Hangry Hoppers by ela maia won the Toy Design Spotlight! Dubiously kid friendly but ever the nostalgic charmer, I introduce you to... Hangry Hangry Hoppers! Bap the bunnies to gobble up as many pellets as you can before they run out.
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New Items: Candy!

I Want Candy

Is there anything better than candy? No, don’t answer that, I was being rhetorical. My shelves were looking bare with all the prepared foods taken down, but this gives me room to stock the Chocolate Bar, Butterscotch Candy, Rainbow Lollipop, and Bubblegum. Mmmm! Hey, I’m the owner, I’m allowed to sample the goods.

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Store Changes AHOY!

Bare Shelves

Sorry to steal you thunder Andre but I need to make a quick warning to all you beautiful testers. I am about to RAVAGE the shelves of Jay's shop in preparation for us to implement some things for Cooking. I didn't want to just rip everything out without warning you all what is going on when you go looking for items. So for a bit things in the General Store will be looking a bit bare, but good things come to those who wait!

Also you might notice that many food items are going to spike in Health value, this is also to prep for cooking.

Sorry for the mess guys, but I am working to clean it up and expand everything out.
A growing pain that is a necessary evil for now. Sorry for any inconveniences this causes for now!

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New Items: Socks!

What’s That Smell?

So Miranda and I were having lunch together and she brought up a rather disturbing topic. Is... is it true that none of you own any socks? Like, at all? This whole time I thought the sockless look was just in right now for some reason, not that there was a severe sock drought. Well that does explain why so many of you have been burning through loafers and tennis shoes so quickly...Okay, okay, we can fix this. I'm going to put out a whole load of fresh, clean socks and then the rest of you can choose to include them in your daily wear or not. But for the sake of your shoes I hope you do consider them.

I'll be stocking Tailored Fashions with Ankle Socks and Boot Socks for your daily wear, plus warmer Knee Socks and Thigh High Socks for those of you who enjoy wearing shorts and skirts. I'll even put out those Silk Stockings I've been getting ready in case you have a nice event or presentation to give at the university.

Just, please, if you are all lacking some vital piece of clothing let me know! Next thing I am going to hear you all have had your underwear savaged by the Kith and are going commando...

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Bug Fix: 8/9/16

We’re baaaack!

Club has assured me that everyone had a great time while we were away, and that there’s absolutely no need to check the Forum archives for shady deals going on behind my back! Thank goodness. It is so hard to find good, honest help these days. ;)

This week holds some big and small updates for the site! Firstly, Cooking! There are a couple of accidental kinks that Club and I are working out, but you should see a shiny new Dormitory Kitchen later this week! You’ll be able to access it from the navigation bar’s “Create” tab once we have everything in place.

Because of some behind-the-scenes changes that we’re making to accommodate Cooking in its new-and-improved form, I’m going to sneak in some bonus Energy, Health, and Reason points into the Quest rewards during Closed Beta. Those will be deleted out before we move to Open Beta, so take advantage of it while you still can! The other three attributes will remain the same for Quest rewards from Closed Beta to Open Beta. ALL of these rewards will be going into effect sometime this week (probably tomorrow evening).

Unfortunately, we’ve run into a bit of bad news on the Search function. Amazon offers an elastic search, but implementation is more costly than what we can currently afford. So, we’ll be postponing any form of search feature until a later time, probably far after Open Beta. :( I’m very sorry for any inconvenience that causes. In the meantime, the open-source Wikia is an amazing resource with a great search feature available ’til we get ours in place!

We also have the item pagination and descriptions for the Kith profile pages being tested, so you should expect to see that feature added later this week, too!

Remember to please report any problems to the Technical Support Forum. Your browser version is very helpful information if we have to troubleshoot a problem. I'd also like to ask, as a favor, if you could try to replicate a problem so that I know whether it was a strange one-time little bug or whether it is reoccurring for multiple users; this also helps me to sleuth my way to the source of the problem. The more details, the better!

Thank you all again for your help and patience as we work together on making Tattered Weave the best it can be! Click "Read More" to see updated details of bugs and features currently in progress.

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Let's Talk Downtime

Sllloooowwww doooowwn…

I know I said we’d be unlikely to post any updates while we’re at Gencon, but I have a couple things that came up today I wanted to share! Firstly, we heard your suggestions for the Forum reward and have decided to put the Shard reward on a 1 minute timer rather than the posts themselves. This may change in the future if we find that users are spamming faster than mods can keep up.

I also wanted to talk to y’all about server downtime, in the interest of transparency. Thanks to your help on Kickstarter, we’ve been able to afford the Amazon EC2 server and that has been fantastic for us so far! We’ve had very little problems, and updating code takes far less than we originally estimated, which is great news for everyone. However, those updates do still take time to affect the entirety of the site - about 4 minutes or less. During that time, we have a backup “mini” server that tries to keep the site running, but this is a free extra from Amazon that can’t always keep up with our users. (Eventually, when we have some premium purchases coming in, we plan to expand that!)

So what does this mean, diana? Well, it means that you may occasionally notice a strange 'hiccup' on the site where pages will load strangely or redirect you to our error page for a couple minutes. Once Closed Beta is over, we’ll be moving all but the most imperative updates to a scheduled time when our users aren’t usually online, like 5am or something, so that it’s less likely to interrupt you. Until then, you might rarely hit one of these updates, but it SHOULD go away in a few minutes - if it ever doesn’t, feel free to contact us on social media and we’ll look into is ASAP! I’d like to thank the few who have hit this strange-looking issue before and reported it to us. The fact that so many of you care enough to report bugs and problems means a lot to us, and we’re incredibly grateful!

In happier news, I learned today that we have 100% finished all the necessary code and art for Cooking! Club and I will be uploading all of it as soon as I get back from Gencon. Next week you’ll also start seeing Kith attributes & personality rewards for Quests, too! :D There’s so much to look forward to!

(I haven't assigned any Kith attributes/personalities to Quests yet, by the way, so if you have suggestions, feel free to share them here!)

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