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Co-op minigame by Celia won the Game Spotlight!
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New Items: July User Submissions!!

Zzz Znkt!? Huh? What? WHO PAINTED MY HOUSE?! Can't a man take a nap in peace and not wake up to every being purple! Wait, purple? CLUB! THIS BETTER NOT BE YOUR FAULT! DID YOU DRIP ON EVERYTHING AGAIN!?

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End of Beta: Introducing the Tattered World!

Today's update is rather visibly a huge one: we're officially leaving beta!

We've picked out a whole new look for the site, including a name change to the Tattered World. Though characters will still refer to the Tatters as the Tattered Weave, our domain name and merchandise will be updating to the Tattered World from now on. Our social media accounts will be following suit on the name change, with the old tatteredweave accounts pointing to the new name.

We've placed an automatic redirect on the old tatteredweave.com URL to our new URL at thetatteredworld.com - though this redirect will stick around for many months, please update your bookmarks for the future!

This domain name change may cause some technical issues while we transfer everything over, but should be resolved within a couple days at most. If you run into any problems, please report them in the Technical Support Forum!

For example, the games have our URL hard-coded into them, so I am not sure they will work right away with the change. However, the good news is that this URL update comes with a fantastic perk: we've decided to permanently increase Shard earnings from games to approximately twice the amount it was during beta! Wahoo!

Remember that these changes may take a day or two to reflect on your account, especially as we work through any issues that may arise due to such a big change. While you wait, let us know what you think of our new color scheme to match the new logo! Do you like the purple and gold? Hate it? Leave any feedback in this thread if you have it, though I have more good news on the styling front: plans are in place to add a free dark theme to the site by the end of 2019! We're also working on a fun potential feature that would allow users to spend Gems for customized themes as well.

To keep the hype train rolling, we've got two upcoming conventions where you can meet us in person: Otakon and Gencon 2019!

Otakon 2019 is happening July 26-28 and will feature a fully themed Tattered World promotional booth, located on the pro row of Artist Alley. We'll have free merch to hand out to anyone with an account or willing to sign up at the con, as well as a whole weekend of promo codes going on for anyone who can't make it to the con! Come by to say hello to Myth, Club, Leslie, and me!

Gencon 2019 is happening August 1-4 and we will be in the Author's Avenue to promote Mythmaker's other project, the webcomic Snow by Night. Come by to say hello to Myth and Steph! This may be your last chance to meet & greet our dear Steph at a convention for Mythmakers, as she will be stepping down from the position of Art Director due to health concerns. I'll let her fill you in on her farewell below. Even if you can't make it out to a convention, please give her all the warm wishes she deserves for helping to make Tattered World the beautiful site it is today!

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June Event: Printing Protocol

Oh Casey, good morning! Are you all ready to help teach everyone about the single most useful tool in any droid's repertoire? Yes you are, my clever little gizmo! We are going to show all our intergalactic friends how to get the most out of their 3D Print Globe! While it might seem massively overwhelming to the untrained, it's actually very easy to use. And once you have it up and running, you can practically print yourself anything you want! Provided you have the right ingredients, that is. Trust me, Casey and I have thought up all kinds of interesting designs now that we'll have regular shipments from Earth via the new trade agreement! It's positively radiant!

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July Update: Plus Sized!

[Click here to read a summary of this month's update so far!]


This has proved to be a timely invitation.
I'll admit, I was concerned by this vacation:
Amid such critical planning that I mustn't spoil,
It was hard to justify a break from toil.
Yet this may present a solution, of a kind,
For certain... dangers that are on my mind...

Nicholas, Dollmaker - thank you for this walk.
I am pleased to have had such an enlightening talk.
Each day together, our alliances grow more strong -
I see now that travel helps Remnants get along.

And what a sky, with weather so shining and bright!
...Thank goodness for these glasses, dark as night.

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Site Contest: July 2019

Is everybody ready?! It's time for the JULY SITE CONTEST!! See, Piper, I totally remembered this time! I only ALMOST missed it, an' that was cuz I was doin' some very serious tailorin' research for my quests. Didja know that rolls o' fabric get REAL SOGGY if you try t' use 'em as a surfboard?

For the July Contest, we got a SUMMER FUN THEME, cuz it's SUMMER, an' WE'RE ALL HAVIN' SO MUCH FUN!!! RIGHT ANDRE? ISN' THIS THE oh waitaminute Andre is tryin' t' have a nap I think?? It's hard t' tell when he's hidin' under a pile o' towels like that...

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