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Tattered Weave

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Wishlist Campaign Guide by Sefria won the Gallery Spotlight!
General Quackington coordinates the defense against the Dread Snapping Turtle. Who will win? So far, it's a wash.
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New Items: Games of War

[Catch up on the Event so far]


Hypothesis, are you s-sure that you're interpreting your sonar echolocation correctly?

Affirmative! All data = consistent, indicating that our little sister, designation Piper, has been successfully detected in the area! HYPOTHESIS: we should search in the next grove of-


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Site Contest: November 2019

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What do you have there, my Dragon? Tearing pages from that book and burning them one by one... It certainly makes for a dramatic sight, watching the paper curl into ash around you as it drifts to the floor. But I thought that you had planned to go out hunting again this afternoon?

Thou art mistaken, Royal Advisor. I am bound by no laws and no schedules save for my own whims. When my hunt proved infuriating, I decided that I cared not, and returned here to the libraries to vent my wrath upon the volumes therein...

But... No, I... My anger dissipated more quickly from my chest than I had expected, and I felt... no need for such an impetuous act. Hence, I have merely turned my attentions to this single notebook, which is well worth the destruction.

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November Event: Into the Forest Underground

[Catch up on the Event so far]


A lone figure drops from a branch in the treetops, and beckons you into the Forest Underground

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Halloweave Ending Soon!

Hello everyone! This is your friendly reminder from Staff that our Halloweave shop and its delicious Gummy Bat collectibles will soon be leaving the site until next year. Get all your last-minute exchanges done today before they disappear! We'll be taking the Spooktacular decorations down sometime tomorrow when I'm awake and online.

The November 2019 Staff Q&A will also be closing soon, so please get your questions in now if you haven't already! Feel free to ask additional questions if you've thought of anything new you'd like to know.

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New Items: Reign of the Dragon

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to
The Draconic Forest!

Tell me, what DID you think of our fine collaboration? How satisfying it is to have an audience again, watching my every move with bated breath, raging and weeping over my delectable plot twists... Ah, the general tenor of terror warms my heart. Just like the olden days! Which reminds me, I have a few friends hiding in this forest that I've been looking forward to seeing again... a former protégé, a loyal dog, a puppet who snapped a few of his strings... Yes, I will have quite a few words to share with them...

But look at me, blathering on, when I am but the humble writer behind the scenes! No, no, I must introduce you all to the star of this particular show - and believe it or not, her lines are ALL her own! Please, follow the flaming spotlight with your eyes as I direct your attention to my newest muse and close collaborator....

Everyone, put your hands together to welcome your latest leading lady:

The Dragon!

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